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September 2021 | Issue 9

A Few Words from Our MASWA President
Can we breathe yet?

Let’s take a deep breath. You’ve earned it! As we enter this Fall season, we have the opportunity to look back on an interesting Summer. No doubt, there will be memories galore. There will be memories that put joy in our hearts and some memories that may tear at our hearts. Take that deep breath!
Fall is one of the best seasons because it begins that time of reflection. We have a chance to begin to look over what we’ve done and where we are going. We get to begin to re-focus on planning or simply dreaming…and that’s OK! Strenuous year so far? Take another one of those breaths!  Any time for a quick getaway? Hope so! Even if it was a simple road trip. It’s important to take the time to get those rudders re-aligned. We all know that when we are “good”, and when we force ourselves to take the time to reflect, dream, plan, and rest, we are better for it. We can then help others the way we believed we could. Yes! So how does all of that come together? Sometimes it doesn’t until we are able to talk it out.
We can talk it out with colleagues who understand the lay of the land. We can talk it out with those who “get it” and who are willing to share their stories as well. When we do this, we help each other, BREATHE!
Let’s do that together, safely again! Let’s get together at our old meeting spot. We have found an amazing fellowship hall, in the same church, large enough for each person to have their own table and to be socially distanced. Masks are strongly encouraged while we come together to share stories, support each other and to hear a fabulous speaker. Let’s do it and let’s take the time to breathe!

Come join us!   
Thursday, September 23, 2:30 – 4 pm
Calvary Lutheran Church, Golden Valley
Hosted by MASWA
See You Then!

Georgene Connelly
MASWA President