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"American by birth, Irish by the grace of God!"
Hello Ladies of the Daughters of Erin,

We had a good busy, summer with so many activities! The Shamrock Club Music Festival fundraising table and bake sale, Golf Outing, Scone Baking and Dublin Irish Festival Tea Room. I appreciate all your hard work and dedication.

We are excited to welcome the new members who joined at the Dublin Irish Festival.

We are prepared to meet at the new location, we appreciate your help as we settle in.

Thank you,

The September meeting is in a new location at 2 pm, Sunday, Sept. 10 at Trinity Lutheran Church, 404 South 3rd St., Columbus, OH, 43215 on South Third Street and Fulton Avenue.

Hospitality asks us to bring fresh fruits and veggies to celebrate the Harvest Season.

Charities is collecting school supplies for the September meetings for a school in need.

If you have questions or ideas for a monthly charity, please contact Cheryl Costello at 614-774-8879 (text or call) or email cherylcostello@yahoo.com.
TRAFFIC UPDATE traveling downtown to the meeting

Interstate 70 closes in both directions between SR 315 and the I-71 for bridge demolition.
* I-70 Eastbound Detour: I-670 eastbound to I-71 southbound to I-70 eastbound.
* I-70 Westbound Detour: I-71 northbound to I-670 westbound to SR 315 southbound to I-70 westbound.

Additional ramps closures
* I-71 northbound ramp to I-70 eastbound/I-71 northbound
Detour: SR 315 northbound to I-670 eastbound to I-71 northbound.
* I-71 southbound ramp to I-70 westbound/I-71 southbound
Detour: I-670 westbound to SR 315 southbound to I-71 southbound.
* SR 315 southbound ramp to I-70 eastbound
Detour: I-670 eastbound to I-71 southbound to I-70 eastbound.
* Mound St./2nd St. ramp to I-70 westbound
Detour: 2nd St. northbound to U.S. 62 westbound to SR 315 southbound to I-70 westbound

Each year, our members submit names of charities and needy families for our annual donations. Nominations are now open.

Do you know a non-profit or organization that might benefit from a donation from the Daughters of Erin?

Do you know of a family in need? Please submit contact information to Sharon Tantes or Cheryl Costello at the October meeting. As always, identities are protected. Information about the families we adopt for Thanksgiving and Christmas will be published in the November newsletter.

Nominate a charity in writing to any Board member of via e-mail to daughtersofering@gmail.com or mail to P.O. Box 1912, Columbus, OH 43216-1912. Please include contact information for each charity. Nominations must be received by the Board meeting, Wednesday, Oct. 4 for consideration.
DAUGHTERS OF ERIN | 1978 to 2020
Congratulations and thank you to the Daughters of Erin Junior members Molly, Sylvia and Zoey selling baked goods at the annual Johnstown Swappers Day yard sale at Angels Persist LLC Thrift Store!

We are so proud of you girls!
Thank you members for your support of purchasing a Nationwide Childrens Hospital wagon in memory of Ameila Wilkinson.

President Sharon Tantes, and past presidents Sharon Selby and Karen Fahy spent a few moments dedicating a Nationwide Children's Hospital wagon in memory of a very special angel, daughter, granddaughter and great granddaughter of Carol Akers, Shannon Rothwell and Ansley Wilksinson, members of The Daughters of Erin.

Say a prayer for Ameila and her family. ...and for the children who were the very first riders in the wagon.

Annual membership dues are $10 for Junior members (under 18 years of age) and $20 for Regular members (ages 18-79).

Honorary members, age 80 and over, please confirm your information with Peggy McCathran, she will have the applications to review.

View and print the 2023 Membership Application.

Dues can be paid by mailing a check made out to Daughters of Erin (please spell out on the check) to: Peggy McCathran, 3012 E. Mound St., Columbus, OH 43209 or call Peggy with questions at 614-235-2969.

If any of your contact information has changed, please include it with your check.

We want to celebrate special birthdays, work announcements, honors, etc. Please share the details, so we can share and celebrate with you.


Sept. 2 - Kay McGroven
Sept. 3 - Amanda Shadley
Sept. 4 - Julie Clemons
Sept. 5- Zoey Shelly
Sept. 9 - Marita Surry
Sept. 12 - Nancy Murphy
Sept. 16 - Maggie (Mary Margaret) Groves
Sept. 19 - Marcia Springer
Sept. 23 - Colleen McConahay
Sept. 24 - Anna Tippett
Sept. 27 - Suzy Lhamon and Marti Mercuri
Sept. 28 - Becky Ellis and Msgr. John Cody

We are moving to a new location, meetings will be held the second Sunday of the month at 2 pm. Trinity Lutheran Church, 404 Third Ave., Columbus, OH 43215.
September 10
October 8
November 12
December 10
January 14
February 11
March 10
April 10
May 19
June 9


Please keep our members and those on the prayer list in your thoughts and prayers. Please join us in prayer for healing and blessings.

The family of George Burton and Selby families on the death of George, family of Eleanor Gliech on her loss; Dacoda Harmon & Cayden Langston and extended family, Jackie and George, Tim Robbins, Isabella Donnelly, Karen Joyce, Sharon Cattey, Linda Miller, Terry McBride, Bob Brokamp, Jim Dempsey, Anne Graves, Diane Miller, Dianna Ardery, Pat Archer, Patty Bryant, Chris Sweeney, Suzy Lhamon, Carol McConahay, Franklin Tack, Terry Baesmann, Joann McNamara, Paul Tisdale, Kathy Kelly, Clyde Fenton, Karen Franz, Kay Fallon, Ed and MaryKay Moriarity, and all those in need of our prayers.

If you are interested in receiving a call or calling a member to check in from time-to-time, please email Carolyn Collins at collinscarolyn07@gmail.com.

Thank you ladies for shopping at Kroger, we continue to receive funds from YOUR use of the Kroger cards! This money is raised from Kroger Cards registered through Kroger Community Rewards program.

If you shop at Kroger and have a Kroger Card, please register your account so your rewards benefit the Daughters of Erin. The best part is that YOU still receive your Kroger rewards (coupons, fuel perks, etc) but behind the scenes, the Daughters of Erin receives a percentage of what you spend at the Kroger Store.

You can register in store at the Customer Service Desk, the Daughters of Erin organization number is 81910 - or - register online at
In the search field, type in Daughters of Erin or enter the organization # 81910. And press SAVE.
Thank you for your support!

There are so many things happening in the Irish Community. Please visit the websites and Facebook pages for events and activities.

Sept. 8, Scott Partika and Thomas Wetmore, Tara Hall
Sept. 15, Birthday Night, Halfway and Commodore Barry, Tara Hall
Sept. 16, 6 p.m., Halfway to St. Patrick's Day, Shamrock Club of Columbus
  • Drowsy Lads, ML Dance Academy, Shamrock Club Pipes & Drums and Claddaugh Columbus - yard games, weather permitting
Sept. 22, 8-11 p.m., Randy Goins, Shamrock Club of Columbus
Sept. 22, 7:30 p.m., The Pints, Tara Hall
Sept. 29, 7:30 p.m., Bob & Beth Ford, Tara Hall
Oct. 13, 7 p.m., Quiz Night, Shamrock Club of Columbus
Oct. 14, Barktoberfest, Shamrock Club of Columbus
Oct. 27, 8-11 p.m. Ladies of Longford, Shamrock Club of Columbus
Nov. 9, 1981 Hunger Strike with Mike Mentel, Shamrock Club of Columbus

The Shamrock Club is open every Friday for Happy Hour and Queen of Hearts. Watch the Shamrock Club Facebook page or website for additional events.

Tara Hall is open every Friday featuring music and Birthday Night on the third Friday. Watch the Tara Hall Facebook page for entertainment listings.

The Central Ohio branch of Comhaltas Ceoltóirí Éireann celebrates Irish music, language, and culture. Visit the Columbus Comhaltas website for details.

The Daughters of Erin
P.O. Box 1912
Columbus, Ohio 43216-1912  

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