brown pelican by Carl Jackson

September 2023

Dear Friend,

September is coming in hot! But Autumn starts this month so maybe the weather will start to cool down at the end of the month we hope? One can only hope.

Kicking off the month is CA Biodiversity Week cumulating on CA Biodiversity Day September 7th. We are participating, are you? Our education program is in need of volunteers, both general docents and a volunteer docent tour coordinator for the on-site tours. Training is provided, so if you don't know anything about Bolsa Chica we will teach you don't worry. Finally, keep an eye out for our printed newsletter to hit your mailboxes later this month. If you don't already receive our full color in-depth Music from the Mesa newsletter, become a member today!

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miracle docents teaching kids

'Miracles of the Marsh' Education Volunteers Needed!

General 'Miracles of the Marsh' Education Docent Volunteer

Do you love walking Bolsa Chica on weekday mornings?

Have a passion for sharing your love of Bolsa Chica with the next generation?

Our 'Miracles of the Marsh' education docent volunteer opportunity is for you! Training begins in October. Join our dedicated and fun team as we educate our local 3rd graders to the wonders of Bolsa Chica. The children and teachers love to learn about this precious resource in the midst of our urban environment.

Volunteer 'Miracles of the Marsh' Docent Tour Coordinator

The on-site tours are structured in a way that reinforces what the students learned during the video presentation and workbooks. There are 3 main topics they learn about, and the kids are broken up into groups when they get off the bus. Once they are halfway through the tour, each group rotates through each topic station led by a dedicated docent (see photo above). As you can tell, the docents really get into it! To keep the fieldtrip on time, each station session is timed to ensure each group gets to visit each topic before heading back to the bus.

This year we need a special volunteer 'Miracles of the Marsh' docent tour coordinator to help with the tours! This position is NOT giving the tours, so you don't have to know anything about the information taught on the tours like animals or history. This volunteer is responsible for making sure the supplies (binoculars, seating pads, etc.) are ready at the stations and that the docents stay on track during their sessions. Basically, it's coordinating the docents and groups between the topic stations in a timely and smooth process.

For more information call the Land Trust office (714) 846-1001, email or visit our website

Email Beverley about 'Miracles of the Marsh' Volunteering Opportunities

CA Biodiversity Week/Day Sept. 2nd-10th, 2023

CA Biodiversity Day is on Sept. 7th every year to mark the anniversary of the launch of the California Biodiversity Initiative in 2018. It's a day to celebrate the extraordinary biodiversity of CA, and to encourage actions to protect it.

This year during CA Biodiversity Week (Sept. 2nd to Sept. 10th) there is a statewide CA Biodiversity bioblitz happening on iNaturalist as part of the "Find 30 Species for CA 30X30" challenge! The goal is to find and photograph 30 wild species in CA to contribute to the collective knowledge about California’s biodiversity. We will be participating (find us at @bolsasteward) and we hope you will participate at Bolsa Chica too!


Bolsa Chica is home to over 200 bird species alone, including 23 listed, endangered, and threatened species of plants and animals. It's also a stop on the Pacific Flyway for migrating birds. One of only a few locations where endemic and endangered Southern Tar Plant grows, this summer flowering plant is one of the only food sources for the native bees. With at least 5 different habitats you are sure to find 30 species!

Participating is easy! 1. Download the iNaturalist app on your phone. 2. Create an account and join this project. 3. Make your observations during CA Biodiversity Week!

Join the "Find 30 Species for CA 30X30" Challenge
Blog post about hike with IRC

Newest Blog Post!! BCLT hosts Irvine Ranch Conservancy for an Interpretive Hike

In June, the Bolsa Chica Land Trust partnered with Irvine Ranch Conservancy to host a comprehensive interpretive hike for a handful of their volunteers at Bolsa Chica Ecological Reserve (BCER), and it was a hit.

The IRC manages 40,000 acres of land in collaboration with various public and private landowners. The area spans from the Santa Ana mountains above the City of Irvine to the sea in the City of Newport Beach. IRC offers amazing free interpretive programs to enhance the public’s experience and connection with nature with the support of a dedicated crew of 400+ volunteers. In an effort to broaden the knowledge and understanding of their volunteers, the IRC looks to connect them with various habitats around Orange County. Bolsa Chica was a perfect choice as it offers a unique learning opportunity.

At 8:00am on a cool, overcast June morning as the sharp cries of terns swirled overhead, a small group of 16 people met...

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Sage in bloom

Please Donate Now!

Support our ongoing efforts by committing today to donate monthly to our 23 listed species. It’s easy; just visit, select or create a donation and then hit “Yes! Make my donation a monthly recurring donation!”

  • $25 helps pay for 5 native sage plants we use to restore the mesa to native habitat for the endangered California Gnatcatcher bird through our habitat restoration Bolsa Chica Stewards project.

  • $50 can pay for a box of student workbooks so each student in the Miracles of the Marsh education program gets a free book.

  • $100 helps buy equipment needed for restoration and scientific research.

  • $250 supports a bus of disadvantaged students in Title 1 schools to come to Bolsa Chica to experience our coastal ecology from our amazing education docents.

  • $1000 spearheads and facilitates the development of large long-term sustainability projects like the Tern Nesting Island Restoration Project or Sustainable Alternatives Study.
Donate Today!


stewards watering

BCLT Stewards Habitat Restoration Volunteering



Sunday Sept. 3rd, 9am-12 [cancelled for Labor Day]

Saturday Sept. 16th, 9am-12

[No 2023 CA Coastal Cleanup Event]

Pre-registration and sign up on our website is required. Capped at 50 volunteers for each event.

Email Beverley at for more details

Miracles of the Marsh Docent Volunteering


Contact the office for more information or 714-846-1001

tour on footbridge

BCLT Outreach and Free Public Tour



Sunday Sept. 10th, 10am-12

Sunday Aug. 17th, 10am- 12

Call the office for more info. 714-846-1001

Beach Clean Ups

(Over until November)


When: Every Monday at 8:30am from November to March


Where: 20th Street entrance to Huntington City Beach


Who: Everyone! Most of the supplies are provided, but if you want, please bring a reusable bucket or bag, and gloves.  


How: Please email Jeff at to volunteer.  


*If you have a group that you want to bring, please email and we can work to accommodate your group.*

little blue heron by Carl Jackson

September Bird of the Month: Little Blue Heron

A rare visitor to the Bolsa Chica Ecological Reserve, a juvenile Little Blue Heron appears as a white, wading bird similar to a Snowy Egret. It can be identified by its pale gray bill that has a darker tip, gray to yellowish legs and yellow eyes. Unlike the Snowy Egret it moves in an upright, slow, and deliberate way. It can easily blend in with white egrets or herons during its first year from June to April. In its adult plumage its body is slate blue, head and neck are maroon, bill is bluish, and legs and feet are black.

24” long; 40” wingspan; 12 oz

photo: Carl Jackson

Reminders When You Visit Bolsa Chica

Here are some things to remember during your visit:

  • Please stay on the trails. Not only could you disturb nesting birds, but snakes are often not far off the trails.
  • Enjoy the flowers, but please do not pick them.
  • Do not feed the animals.
  • Do not litter. Please pack out your trash, including food scraps.
  • No bikes or ebikes.
  • No dogs.
  • No drones.
  • Enjoy being with nature!
  • If you see any BCLT Stewards working along the trail, say hi! We are happy to answer any questions.

Support Bolsa Chica Today!

The mission of the Bolsa Chica Land Trust is the acquisition, preservation, and restoration of all of Bolsa Chica and the education of the public to its natural wonders and cultural significance.

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Questions? Email us at or call (714) 846-1001

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Photo Credits:

Brown Pelican banner- Carl Jackson, Miracles docent- Jeff Rokos sage- Jane Lazarz, Stewards- James Huang, Miracles docent with kids- Bequi Howarth, Bridge tour, Elegant Terns on beach- Marinka Horack, snowy bridge- Eric Benson, Little Blue Heron- Carl Jackson