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Thank You

A week ago Sunday, I sat in the Activity Center feeling both blessed and humbled. I was reminded of what a wonderful group of people I have had the privilege of being with over the past 19 years. The time and effort that were put in to our celebration together was overwhelming. Thank you all so much for the party. It truly was a time of celebration.

For those of you who have never been to a choir rehearsal, the skit really was a portrayal of what goes on. Even down to David Jackson actually wearing one of my shirts that he borrowed from my wife! And the analogy of carefully placing the egg on a high shelf: what a creative idea a choir member had to bring confetti eggs for the children.

The memory album was a wonderful timeline both of church and family events through the years. Each one conjures up special memories.

Phil certainly composed some creative new hymn titles. Maybe those will be sung in future worship services?

And the food. What a spread. Thanks to all of you who spent so much time in the kitchen preparing that feast. Everything was delicious!

The entire afternoon was full of generosity and love. Thank you so much for making me feel so special. It is a memory I will have forever. And I’ll still be around in the future. We will continue to see one another.

Best Wishes to everyone!


Building and Grounds Summary Report 

Judith has asked the committees to provide a little report for the church newsletter.  

Just passing on a few things that have gotten done this past few days. A spot light for the outside crosses has gotten replaced. Matt Hardie has finished the repair of the ceiling in the hall way in front of the nursery area. One of the light fixtures in the women's bathroom has been rewired for LED lights. Neal and sometimes Melissa is almost daily filling the memorial fountain with water.

It is planned this week to pick up a donated upright freezer this week from the Bierwirths to be placed in the kitchen of the Activity Center. The chest freezer will be moved to the Activity Center storage room next to the washing machine and dryer. Soon, shelves will be built in the storage room of the kitchen where chest freezer was located for storing table cloths and decorations. I am certain that Matt H. will be assisting along with David Jackson in building these shelves.

Men's Breakfast

Sunday September 17, the men of the church

are planning a breakfast at 9:00 AM to eat at Brown's Cafe.

Please let Jay know if you will be attending so an effort can be made to get a table set up for us all to be seated together.


(and calls for volunteers)

Elder of the Month

Allison Wahlberg for September.

September Ushers

Anne Stewart and Vik Deivanayagam

September Liturgists:

Rev. Angus Hunter 9/3

June B. 9/10

Allison W. 9/17

Matt B. 9/24

Meals on Wheels Volunteers

Drivers for September, Rick DeVore and Michelle Deivanayagam (off Labor Day)

Coordinators of Senior Center Fellowship Mondays

Anne S & Linda W, 9/4 (Yes, we are OPEN on Labor Day)

Melissa R & Anne S, 9/11

Linda W & Anne S, 9/18

Anne S & Linda W, 9/25

Seeking volunteers for Mondays in October!

Please come join us and see what it's all about,

and contact Anne S to sign up (to make coffee and set out treats, etc).


Please bring a lunch and a friend to the Garden Room at Noon. At least one of our friends from Foster Village Waco will be there to give us an update on all of the changes going on in the back wing of our building. They are planning to have a grand opening later this month. Please come, show them our support, and ask all the questions you want!

Future Dates to Keep in Mind!

September 26

PW Circle and Study, Garden Room

October 1

Blessing of the Animals Church Picnic

1:00 pm at Whitehall Park

October 29

Trunk or Treat

6:00-7:30pm in the CPC parking lot

November 2, 2023

Habitat for Humanity

Harvest Dinner and Auction

Starts with cocktails and a silent auction at 5:30pm

November 5, 2023

All Saint's Day Memorial Celebration

November 12, 2023

Heart of Texas CROP Walk at 3pm

Our CPC Team Page is up and ready for

team members to join

donations to start rolling in!

Let's try to up our giving game and feed the hungry!

December 3-24 is the Season of Advent!

Advent Group Plans being Planned Now...

if you would like to host a small group of 8-10 people

in your home, please let us know!

Birthday Joys!

Victor CecattoPierce, September 2

Keats Benton, September 3--he told us after church!

Naomi O'odo and David Hegar, September 8

Timothy Bierwirth, September 9

Timber Scott and Ruth Onu, September 23

Judith Hardie, September 28

Nancy Jackson, September 30

Prayer Concerns

Recently Requested Prayers:

For the family and friends of Denyse's father, Frank Seaman.

For Judith's birth father, recovering from a 9 hour surgery to remove a cancerous tumor from his jawbone.

For Meg, traveling in Michigan and parts of Canada this month.

For our search committee as they seek the next music director for our church.


 Ongoing Prayer Concerns:

Children facing new Cancers, especially Luna Perrone and Michael Montegue;

Our Sr. Center's Gracie's nephew, Stan, in treatment at MDA for a new diagnosis.

Nancy C at the Brazos; Joyce F (recently hospitalized) at the Blake;

Jane G at St. Elizabeth’s; Margaret P at The Monarch in Richardson;

Victor's mom and Betty C (recently hospitalized) at Wesley Woods;

Char R, at home under great-granddaughter Morgan’s care;

Rosemary D at home in Waco; Don & Pat W in Colorado;

Rita for her new pacemaker, Ken for sight and mobility;

Sara A's daughter ‘Aissa M. continuing to recover at mom’s;

For victims of the Moui Wildfire Tragedy and the ongoing disaster response;

Those recovering from recent procedures and their caregivers:

Ruth Ono, Emry Deivanayagam, Cherie Noel, Ann and Larry Parrish, Amy Payne,

Hina Abel, Elaine’s friend Richard, Dare Rose and Neal Rhoden.

for all struggling with grief, isolation, or despair;

for those without resources to stay sheltered, fed, and safe;

For victims of mass shootings and violence;

for our church and extended family.


for the Matthew 25 movement--

seeking just and vibrant community in Christ,

and always, for Christ’s Peace!


CPC Office: Welcome, Dalton Kendrick!

Regular hours will be worked out soon

(once Judith is back in the office).

Please send any announcements, corrections,

or submissions for the newsletter to

(and thanks for your help!)

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