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Happy Training!

Can you believe summer is almost over?! The Club has endured the heat and kept up on swimming, biking, and running despite all the challenges 2020 has brought us. We had to think outside the box to adjust to the current climate while hosting events (both in-person and virtually) to keep our members engaged.

As we work our way thru the cooler months, take a moment to reflect on all the club has accomplished over the past summer months. Our September “running” club totals have been slowly increasing. See below for our current totals and do not forget to help us increase our totals by adding your mileage on our FB page!

Need advice for endurance performance? Check out our Endurance Performance Professional section to see what our local Doctors of Physical Therapy have to say. You can also view our member spotlights to see what valuable information you can gain from novice and veteran athletes.

We have hosted a number of ‘first’ events this past year. Check out how our first scavenger hunt, Labor Day TT, and swim only event concluded below. Makes sure to check out our FB page to see the full recaps of each event. It's all part of making 2020 one EPIC year!

Speaking of epic, check out the message from our president and log-in to our FB page to see what he has accomplished that is leaving us all floored! You won't be disappointment!

We are working hard to schedule more events this year. As more information becomes available, we will continue to update our members. As the weather cools down, don't forget to give some TLC to your bike from the wear and tear of the summer months. Call Velofix for a bike tune up, or upgrade to an Xterra wetsuit with long sleeves! Don't forget to use our Clubs discount code. 

Socials/Training Events/Education

Labor Day Unofficial TT

Congratulations to everyone who participated in the Unofficial Time Trial! Please see the picture below for the top 5 females and males. The results are located on Strava-- If your results are missing, make sure you set your ride settings to public. For more information on the Labor Day TT and for the most up-to-date information regarding upcoming events please visit our FB page.

A huge shout out to Tedd Girouard for organizing the event!
LVTC Scavenger Hunt 2020

Our first scavenger hunt was a great success! We hope you had as much fun as we did finding the places for you to find. We had many that found every single picture, which was amazing since they were located all over the Valley! Stay tuned for more upcoming scavenger hunts in the future! Congratulations to those who won the grand prize raffle! To check out the pictures we posted please see our FB page!

~Christina Gruber
September Club Total

The September Exercise thread is going strong! Don't forget to add your training miles for each sport on our FB page and include an updated 'club total' in your post.
You are all doing a great job with summer training!

Here are the club totals for the last five months. We are doing great with swim distance, increased our bike mileage, but something happened to our run!

April: swim 17,000 yards, bike 8300 miles, run 1600 miles
May: swim 51,000 yards, bike 5300 miles, run 800 miles
June: swim 131,186 yards, bike 5318.72 miles, run 1,309.77 miles
July: swim 223,400 yards, bike 4,651.7 miles, run 877.2 miles
August: swim 186,000 yards, bike 5,474 miles, run 424 miles

Here is where the club is for the month of September:

Swim: 42,700 yards
Bike: 926.7 miles
Run: 85.5 miles

Remember as it gets hotter to stay hydrated and try to workout in the cooler parts of day.

Train hard and smart!
Prez Corner:

Take Back 2020!

Epic October … are you ready? This is our challenge to take back 2020 and set our own individual EPIC challenges.

What is your challenge? Maybe EPIC is to do an individual Olympic Distance triathlon. Or maybe to run your own half-marathon. Or maybe it would be EPIC to train everyday for 10 days. Your EPIC is your EPIC. Don’t compare your challenge with anyone else – we are all at different fitness places.

But … try to set that EPIC challenge at a level that you’ll be proud of accomplishing. Something that really pushes you out of your comfort zone.

Here’s the deal though …. You may not achieve your EPIC challenge. But that is not a negative … it is a positive that you set a challenge great enough that it was just out of reach. Motivation. Maybe it will take a second attempt … or more training … or maybe you’ll have to re-evaluate the challenge.

You may know I attempted my EPIC challenge … and did not make it! My goal was to swim 2.4 miles in the Colorado River at Willow Beach (55 F water temp), bike 112 miles to Mt. Charleston (~13,900 ft elevation), then summit Mt. Charleston in a 26 mile loop (7,000 ft elevation). I made it 95 miles into the bike and just over 9,000 feet of climbing and had to stop. Unfortunately, I choose a hot day with poor air quality – and I could not do the last part of the Charleston climb.

Failure? No. Failed attempt … ok, I’ll go with that. But definitely not failure. I gave it my best shot but just could not get it done that day.

After getting home, I took some time to go over the logistics and am ready to try again (on a cooler day!). I may still not make it on this attempt … maybe my fitness just is not there. But I’m willing to try again – and if I do make it, it will be EPIC. That’s what I’m shooting for.

And that is what I encourage you to shoot for … something EPIC for you.

Take back 2020 and set your own challenge that you can call EPIC!

~John Mercer
Coaches Corner

LVTC Swim Event

Last Sunday's LV Tri Club swim event at Boulder Beach was a blast and first of its kind! One of many to come, I'm sure.
Some masks and a little distance can’t keep OUR local triathletes from their usual buzzing energy and smiles. Like excited children, we all took to our fav 'swimming hole' through different events taking place all at once, and for all levels of swimmers.

For the first time, our tri club had a 1.5k and 3k time trial AND a beginner swim clinic all in a single super fun event. I was fortunate enough to run the clinic while watching all our peeps round the buoys in ideal weather/water conditions.

Everyone's swim training has been altered by Covid-19. No one's attitude reflected that. So proud of my community and what a fantastic reunion in the water!

~Nancy Jones
Where in the World Has Our TRI Club Raced ?

Check out the map below to see where our athletes have raced!
LVTC Member Spotlight

Get to know our club members as our President sits down with the following members to talk about tris and life.

Click on the names to view the video.

Endurance Performance Professionals

Endurance Performance Professionals

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