I have been suffering from a bit of writer’s block as of late and although I had every intention of getting a newsletter out in August with some interesting travel ideas, that clearly didn’t materialize. The other night, I poured myself a glass of apple juice mixed with sparkling water and as I drank my newly found concoction, it brought me back to a moment when I was on my first overland safari in Botswana in the late 90’s. Our small group of Aussies, Kiwis, Brits, Norwegians and us Canadians, had just emerged from the Okavango Delta after 3 days of sweltering 40 plus degree weather. We were participation camping (a.k.a- pitch your own tent camping and cooking duties) and were well and truly over the romantic idea of camping in the wild by that time. We were all parched and the warm, filtered Delta water just didn't cut it for any of us.
By the time our overland truck reached the first petrol station, we all rushed in like a pack of wild dogs for the coldest drink we could find. And there it was. Sparkling apple juice. In that moment, it was simply the best drink I have ever had in my life. Nothing else mattered and although I didn’t look one bit like Cindy Crawford drinking that Pepsi, I downed that drink like a champion and then proceeded to have another.
Funny how little things that seem completely insignificant at that moment are memories that pop into your mind. It’s a wonderful thing to remember & relive those smells and tastes. It adds another layer to the rich experiences that have shaped my thoughts and perspective of the people and places this world offers. Let’s continue to keep those memories alive until it’s time to make new ones!