September 2020
Tree pruning is essential. We prune to remove dead or decaying branches to keep our
properties safe, but pruning also increases the amount of sunlight that reaches undergrowth. If a tree has
been damaged or there are dead branches, it is important that these be removed immediately.

Tree pruning must be done with care because if done wrong, the tree can be subject to disease, fungus, and detrimental pests. This may also be caused if the tree is too thick and branches are clumped close together. If this is the case, light cannot reach all sections of the tree and air is not being circulated evenly throughout the tree.

Branches that are beginning to grow inward must also be removed. It is unhealthy as it requires more energy for the tree to push the nutrients and water to these branches where the energy could be spent helping the tree grow properly.
10% Winter Discount is back!
Autumn Tree Lawn and Landscape offers a 10% winter discount on pruning and removals.
When authorized work will be scheduled between December 1,2020 - March 1,2021.
Desiccation is defined as a state of extreme dryness in the tree industry. Desiccation can be damaging to evergreens, which don’t typically drop their needles in the fall in preparation for colder temperatures. Plant roots are unable to obtain the necessary water when the soil begins to freeze. In order to survive, they begin using all the water stored in their leaves, stems, small branches and needles. The resulting water deficit will cause browning, scorching and may lead to the shedding of some or all of their leaves and needles prematurely.

A healthy hydrated plant with a strong and stable root system will be better equipped to deal with storm wind conditions. You can’t avoid storms or protect your garden from everything nature may throw at it, but you can help to reduce the risks with an anti-desiccation spray. The best time to use anti-desiccation sprays starts in October. It is important during the winter months when we have cold snaps, to implement a regular treatment of anti-desiccation sprays to your trees. Left untreated, the damage will stunt new growth leaving trees and shrubs with an unhealthy, sparse appearance.

Our anti-desiccant application (applied directly to leaves and needles) provides a protective coating, which helps reduce the amount of water that escapes during drier months. Be sure to check with the experts at Autumn Tree Lawn and Landscape to make sure your trees are receiving proper treatment, on a regular schedule to maintain their health and vitality. If you aren’t sure if your tree is experiencing these issues, it is best to let the professionals assess the situation and determine the best method for either prevention or treatment.
Deep Root Watering During Drought
Trees and shrubs require plenty of water to stay hydrated and grow. During the drought conditions we have had lawn sprinkler systems often don't provide enough ground penetration to satisfy tree roots. Winter snow storms don't provide enough moisture to keep them happy. Without sufficient watering the plants will go into decline and die. Clay soils, which are common in Denver have poor absorption rates, which can often lead to over watering. Watering depends on species, size, location, weather, and exposure. Take the stress out of watering by having Autumn Tree Lawn and Landscape set up your watering program.
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