September 2019
    What's Happening this month:

September 14th - Double Loyalty Point Day

September 24th - Health Fair at Hopkins Activity Center
(Come and see us there)

Delivery changes

Starting September 15 we will begin charging a $3.00 fee per delivery. 

We know that our delivery service is very important to many of our loyal customers. We want to continue to be able to offer delivery services, but in order to do this, we do need to implement this small delivery charge. This was a difficult decision for us to make, but given certain economic challenges within the pharmacy business it has become necessary for us to do. 

There are many ways that we can work with you to help minimize the impact of this fee to you. One thing you can do is when ordering your medication refill is to look at your other bottles and see if you need any other prescriptions filled at the same time. If so, consolidating your refills will help reduce the fees that you pay. Try to order once a week, and keep in mind that when you order, we prefer that your delivery be scheduled for the next day. However, if there is an emergency where you need an antibiotic or a pain medication, we will always do our best to get it to you the same day. 

Below are some other options that could help you reduce your delivery fees.  Please let us know if you have any questions about SyncRX or Medication Adherence Packaging and how it could benefit you. We are here to be of service to you as we always have been, we just need to work together to streamline our services that we offer.  
SyncRX Program

Want to stop in to the pharmacy, or have a delivery once a month to get all of your prescriptions? Don't want to wait for your Doctor to call back with refill authorizations? Talk to one of our staff members about signing up to have us Sync your medications. 

We take care of all of the work for you (calling the doctor for refills, resolving any insurance issues, pre-ordering any medications that we need for your order), so that you can make one trip in to the pharmacy each month to get all of your medications, or one delivery a month, thus improving your health by increasing your medication adherence. 

Call or stop by the pharmacy and ask about Syncing your meds!
Medication Adherence Packaging

Did you know that we can package all of your medications into a sealed tri-pak that looks like a 4 X 7 med minder? Are you taking the time to fill a med-minder for yourself or a loved one each week? We can do that for you! 

Our tri-pak's are heat sealed so that the medications cannot be moved or removed once we have sealed it shut like they can in a traditional med minder. This can give you peace of mind, and can ease the burden of you having to fill med minders each week. We usually package 4 weeks per fill and make sure that the system is customized to how you or your loved one takes their medications. We do charge a nominal monthly fee for this service depending on how many medications are taken, but most people find that the cost of us doing the packaging far outweighs the time that they save in not having to do this task. 

Please stop by the pharmacy so see an example of the system, and get a price quote for what your medication set-up would cost on a monthly basis. This system also works great if we are Syncing your meds!
It is time to start thinking about Flu Shots

We will start giving Flu Shots to anyone 10 years or older in October. The reason that we wait until October is that we want you to be covered for the entire 6 month period in which Flu activity is at its peak. We recommend that you get your Flu shot before the end of November since we start to see Flu cases on the rise in December. Look for more details in the October Newsletter.
Shingrix vaccine update

There is still a shortage of the Shingrix vaccine; however, we are starting to see our shipments become a bit more regular than they have been this past year. We are still running a waiting list for the vaccine, and once you get your first shot from us, you do have priority with us to get your second shot to complete the 2- shot Shingrix vaccine series. If you want to get added to our waiting list, just call the pharmacy at 952-938-2719 and ask to be put on the list. If you have already asked to be placed on our waiting list, we will call you as soon as we have vaccine to offer you. Our procedure is to first call you to see if you are still interested in getting the Shingrix vaccine with us.  If so, we will then bill your insurance and call you back to let you know what your copay will be, and to schedule an appointment for you to come in and receive your vaccination.
Upcoming Double Point Days:
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Saturday, September 14th

Thursday, October 24th

Saturday, November 30th
(Triple Points for Small Business Saturday)

Sunday, December 22nd

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Gift Gab

September has arrived along with a store full of new fall arrivals!

We have stylish new apparel from my favorite clothing line “Simply Noelle” along with fun affordable leggings from “Mountain Mamas”. Maybe it is time for a brand new pair of Snoozies slippers.

We have great new fall designs for both men and women! Michel Design Works has a beautiful new scent and design in their line of wonderful soaps and lotions. If you are not familiar with this line stop in and check it out. It is a customer favorite!

We have lovely fall decor to bring the fall colors indoors, and all your fall apparel and jewelry staples to spruce up your fall wardrobe.

Come in and see it all. Hope to see you soon!

These items won't last long so stop in soon.

-- Kelsey