September 2018
   What's Happening this month:

September 3rd -- Labor Day
(Center Drug will be closed for the holiday)
September 15th -- Double Points Day
September 25th -- Health Fair at Hopkins Activity Center
from 1-3:30pm
Come and see us there!
Check out our new app! If you use a smartphone or tablet and would like another way to refill your prescriptions, then please download it today.
It is time to start thinking about Flu Shots

We will be offering flu shots this fall. We will start giving them the week of October 1st. 

We will be able to offer shots most days of the week, and we plan on having extra staff on Tuesdays during October to give shots, and on Saturday, October 20th when we will be having a celebration for the completion of the construction on the building facade. 

It is best to have your flu shot before the end of November. Watch for the October newsletter for more information.
Shingles Shots

We are currently out of the new Shingles vaccine, but we do expect to get more in-stock by mid-September. 

You may call the store and put your name on a waiting list for the vaccine if you would like. We will then contact you when the vaccine is available. 

The CDC expects that by November/December the vaccine will be widely available again. 
Medicare Open Enrollment

October 15 marks the start of Medicare Part D plan open enrollment for 2019. Like last year, you will be able to make an appointment to sit down with a pharmacist and look at plan options, and what those plans will cost you for 2019. 

We will not have the 2019 plan information much before October 15th; but, after that date we will be able to tell you what plans we will be a preferred pharmacy in for 2019. 

Watch for the October newsletter for more information.
Storefront facelift - Construction update:

Construction has finally begun on the facade improvement for our store and Carpet One. Barricades have been placed in front of the stores and demolition has begun. Towards the end of the first week of September, a temporary storefront will be going up in front of our windows as they prepare to replace the windows. This will only be up for a week or two, and after the windows are replaced, it will be coming down. Even though you won't be able to see into the store, we will still be there and waiting to take care of you and your needs. We will be open normal business hours during construction. On the walkway up to our store, a ramp has been built so that people driving scooters will be able to access the store also. 
You can visit our website, or our Facebook page for updated construction pictures. Please stop by and see us during construction and see the progress in person.  However, if you don't want to get into the construction area, just give us a call and we will gladly deliver your prescriptions and any other over-the-counter products you may need. We expect the construction to be substantially completed October 16th. We are planning a party for Saturday, October 20th to celebrate! Watch for the October newsletter for more information on the party!
SyncRX Program

Want to stop in to the pharmacy once a month to pick up all of your prescriptions? Don't want to wait for your Doctor to call back with refill authorizations? Talk to one of our staff members about signing up to have us Sync your medications. 

We take care of all of the work for you (calling the doctor for refills, resolving any insurance issues, pre-ordering any medications that we need for your order), so that you can make one trip in to the pharmacy each month to get all your medications, or one delivery a month, thus improving your health by increasing your medication adherence. 

Call or stop by the pharmacy and ask about Syncing your meds!
Medication Adherence Packaging

Did you know that we can package all of your medications into a sealed tri-pak that looks like a 4 X 7 med minder?  Are you taking the time to fill a med-minder for yourself or a loved one each week? We can do that for you! 

Our tri-pak's are heat sealed so that the medications cannot be moved or removed once we have sealed it shut like they can in a traditional med minder. This can give you peace of mind, and can ease the burden of you having to fill med minders each week. We usually package 4 weeks per fill and make sure that the system is customized to how you or your loved one takes their medications. We do charge a nominal monthly fee for this service depending on how many medications are taken, but most people find that the cost of us doing the packaging far outweighs the time that they save in not having to do this task. 

Please stop by the pharmacy so see an example of the system, and get a price quote for what your medication set-up would cost on a monthly basis. This system also works great if we are Syncing your meds!
Expanded Point of Care Testing

We have been offering Point of Care Testing since the beginning of the year. We currently test for strep and flu. 

Mid-August, we are expanding that offering to be able to provide you with Blood Glucose and Cholesterol screening. 

These tests take about 5-10 minutes total time to perform. If you want to partake of the glucose and cholesterol screening, we recommend that you come in fasting (having eaten nothing for at least 9 hours before the test) to get the most accurate results. 

The cholesterol and blood glucose screenings are great if you have not had these tests before, or it has been a while since you were screened.  The cholesterol screening can also be valuable to people who are currently on cholesterol lowering drugs who want to see if the medication they are taking is working and lowering their cholesterol levels. The cholesterol screening will provide your overall cholesterol number, your HDL, LDL and triglyceride levels. 

Below is the cost for each of these screening tests. These tests are not covered by insurance. However, if you test positive for strep or the flu, we are able to get you an antibiotic or antiviral medication per a protocol we have with a physician and this medication would be covered on your insurance for your usual co-pay. 

* Strep test: $40
* Flu test: $50
* Blood Glucose screening: $20
* Cholesterol screening: $35
* Blood Glucose & Cholesterol screening: $50  
Upcoming Double Point Days:
(Be sure to mark your calendars)

Saturday, September 15th
Saturday, October 20th
(Free Rootbeer floats from 1-4pm to celebrate our "new" facade!)
Saturday, November 24th
(Triple Points for Small Business Saturday)
Wednesday, December 12th
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It's fall ya'all!  The store is getting a facelift but don't worry the gift dept. is still shopable and is full of that wonderful fall feeling.

New fall apparel, jewelry and purses are here along with tons of home decor and gifts. 

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