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Stacey Poulson
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Nugget Alaskan Outfitter 
Haflinger Slippers

We r eceived our first order of Haflinger wool clogs around the middle of August a nd they are already a hit. Founded 50 years ago as a family-owned business, Haflinger is the largest manufacturer of boiled wool in Germany. Run by the grandson of the founder, Haflinger is known in many international markets for not only its boiled wool slippers and wool felt clogs, but more importantly for its outstanding quality and workmanship.

We are carrying two varieties of Haflingers, the first being the Wool Felt Grizzly Clogs. The felted- wool upper's are made by overlaying loose wool fibers and massaging and pressing them to make the fibers join. The finished textiles look really similar to boiled wool, so the terms tend to be used interchangeably, but they really are different. Wool-felt is a uniquely comfortable and breathable material, comes in many colors, is soft and breathable but very sturdy. This breathability will keep your feet at room temperature all the time, never giving you the hot, perspiring foot so common to synthetic slippers. Consequently, your circulation will stay at a normal rate, conserving your energy for more exciting and important ventures. Furthermore, wool is a natural insulator: it keeps your feet cool in the summer and
warm in the winter, guaranteeing year-round comfort! 
Haflinger's Wool Felt Grizzly Clogs have an anatomically correct footbed, made of cork and latex (a natural rubber) mixture that gives you support, but is soft enough to adapt to the unique shape of your foot. Their footbed provides support not just for your feet, but for your entire body: it will enhance your overall well-being by promoting good health in muscles and bones while easing the strain on the hips, knees and spine. With the proper foot support, the body experiences proper weight distribution, balance and utmost comfort. Comfort begins at the feet and works its way up!
A great clog or sandal should fit your heel snugly (but comfortably!). When the heel hits the ground, the pressure equals two-and-a-half times your body weight! Haflinger's contoured heel seat and extra padding help your body to softly absorb the impact of this 'heel strike.' As your heel impacts and stabilizes, the rocker heel encourages the foot to 'roll' forward, so you can push off with the toes in a natural, balanced way. Pain in the back, neck and knees can be th e result of shock that travels up the skeleton from a non-resilient heel.
These slippers feature durable non-skid and weather-resistant, year-round thermal rubber (Classic Line) and EVA (Trend Line) outsoles that will accommodate even the most active endeavors and lifestyles. A roomy toe box with a toe bar follows the natural form of the foot and allows your toes to move freely and thus exercises and strengthens the foot's muscles and ligaments while promoting healthy circulation. Your toes will spread out freely, contract naturally and essentially 'work out' while you walk all day. Just like upper body exercise enlivens your body and mind, so does exercising your feet!
  The second type of Haflinger we carry is the Boiled Wool, Soft Soled Slippers. Natural boiled wool is very lightweight, soft and cuddly, yet very sturdy. It molds to the foot like a second skin while letting the foot breathe freely. Boiled wool is made from a piece of crocheted or knit wool that is literally boiled until it shrinks. Since the fibers are already knit together before boiling, the finished product is incredibly strong.

These soft soled slippers include a natural, latex-molded arch support to create the most relaxing, wonderful sensation: it feels like a built-in foot massage, always pampering your feet and easing your mind! The sturdy, double-felt outsole adds cushioning to your step while providing traction with non-skid, non-marking dots. Constructed for indoor use, these slippers are perfect for around-the-house chores or just unwinding after a long day!
Both of these slipper types come with wool felt liners which are soft, b reathable and wick away any moisture from your foot year-round. The liner is designed to provide an additional layer of cushioning for your foot, while maintaining the integrity of the contoured footbed.
About the Haflinger Logo...   
Originating in the Tyrolean Mountains of Austria, the Haflinger breed is an attractive, reliable workhorse , capable of carrying and pulling heavy loads and skidding logs on a farm. The Haflinger is a tireless worker, as much a pleasure to drive as to ride -the versatile Haflinger is capable and willing to accept the most mundane or daunting challenges. Likewise, our expertly crafted Haflinger footwear is appealing, cuddly, truly reliable and, above all, designed to provide the most comfort for the widest range of use. 

Hydroflask Wine Flasks and Tumblers
NAO is excited to announce the arrival of our new HydroFlask 25 oz Wine Bottle and 10 oz Wine Tumbler. The 25 oz Wine Bottle holds an entire standard 750 ml bottle of wine and features TempShield™ insulation to keep whites perfectly chilled and reds at room temperature. The 10 oz Wine Tumbler holds two standard pours and comes with an insulated press-in lid to reduce spills. Made with durable pro-grade stainless steel, they won't retain or transfer flavors, easy to fill and pour without drips. From afternoon picnics to the beach or a hike up the mountain, these products will protect your wine from heat, light and glass bottle breakage while keeping it at the intended temperature. 


Already a big hit! These cute kids BOGs have recently hit the shelves at NAO and are selling quickly. Don't worry though if we are out of the size you want - more are on the way. BOGs were first created for farmers in soggy Oregon, and these boots have the rugged durable design to prove it. They're 100% waterproof with sub-zero Neo-Tech insulation that keeps kids warm and comfortable no matter the conditions.  
New Backpacking Food Option
Getting a new option for backpacking food is always exciting! In addition to our great tasting Alpine Aire meals, NAO is now carrying Good To-Go meals. These wonderful creations offer not only vegetarian options, but also international delights such as Korean Bibimbap, Thai Curry, Indian Korma, and Mexican Quinoa.

The Good To-Go creator, Jennifer Scism has been a professional chef for nearly two decades. A graduate of The French Culinary Institute in Manhattan, she began her career cooking with top chefs. After 10 years as the owner of one of New York's top-rated restaurants, Jennifer moved to the southern coast of Maine in 2010 and met her future husband, David.

As their outdoor adventures turned from day trips to overnights and extended backcountry adventures, Jen struggled with the limited opportunity for fresh and delicious foods. Being a professional chef, she was not going to last eating the packaged meals already out there. So she began preparing her favorite meals and dehydrating them in her countertop dehydrator. Jen's creations were so delicious that they wanted everyone to be able to enjoy them. Jennifer took her new love of backpacking and outdoor adventures and combined them with her years of creating delicious dishes to establish Good To-Go.
Chef Jennifer's creations are thoughtfully crafted to provide a meal that not only tastes great but is truly good for you. Whether you've hiked all day for that summit view, rose with an alpine start to earn those backcountry turns, or are simply looking for an easy-to-make option at home, all you need is boiling water and in minutes you'll have a delicious meal.

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