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To be learning, loving, and serving disciples of Christ from the depths of our being to the ends of the earth.

 A Stephen Ministry & Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) Congregation

Worship Each Week & Daily Prayer
Attending weekly gives you the opportunity to re-center your life,
give God honor and glory, and remember what is really important in life.

Imagine a world with more. More compassion. More hope. More justice. More of God’s limitless love, ignited in our communities. We are all in a season of imagining anew how to do those things we used to take for granted. As restrictions lift and opportunities open up after two difficult years, we Christians are invited to consider what it means to be God’s people, to study scripture, to proclaim the resurrection of Jesus Christ in this new world. Often, we get trapped by fear, asking, “What if there is not enough? What if we are not enough?”

Instead, what if we imagined a world with MORE? What if we imagined a world in which God’s love was limitless? A world where there was more hope, more love, more connection? What would our communities look like? Who would be changed in a world with more? What would be transformed?

In the next few weeks, we will be imagining what might just happen if we really accepted God’s invitation to reveal to the world what the love of God really looks like.

Did you miss a sermon or can't remember the good statement made by Pastor Jason recently?

You can access the complete library of sermons at our Prairie Avenue YouTube(TM) Channel
Sermon: "Imagine with Me: Community " August 28, 2022

Imagine with Me: Community

Acts 2:42-47

August 28, 2022

August 29, 2022 Worship Service

Hope in the Christian tradition is not wishful thinking; it is confident expectation rooted in the promises of God. Hope is an act of imagination. We imagine what could be in the midst of what is. This passage from Hebrews grounds our hope in the context of the history of our tradition and the support of our community. How might Prairie Avenue be a space of active hope? How might a world with more hope impact our communities and the people in them? If we take this passage seriously, what does it mean about how we practice our faith?


Attend Worship: Pastor Jason has encouraged an "A grade" of 90% worship attendance (missing less the 5 Sundays in a year). You can keep up your attendance by joining worship online through our Facebook premiere or our worship online page on the website. Join us in person or online... it will count!


This Week's Prayer Calendar

General Church Ministry: North American Pacific/Asian Disciples

Congregations:  Korean Christian, Springfield; living Stone Christian church, Evanston; Chicago Christian Church, Des Plaines; Happy Christian Church, North Brook

Global Ministries:Botswana

Pray with Botswana, September 4, 2022 - Global Ministries

Lectionary Selection: Philemon 1:1-21 Prayer for Botswana Sovereign God, the father of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, through the power of the Holy Spirit, we plead that you cover the country of Botswana with your overflowing mercy and peace. ... Read more

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Grow in Faith
through listening, paying attention, and reading 5 verses a day
Take a class, as you make friends and grow to know what learning, loving, and serving God and neighbor means in everyday life.

Morning Devotion

Each weekday (Monday - Friday), Pastor Jason shares a brief 4-7 minute scripture reading, reflection, response, and prayer. The associated devotion is posted to Prairie Avenue's Facebook page.

You may also access it on the church website: It is posted around 8:20 to 8:30 each morning.

NEXT STEPS BOOK STUDY BEGINS SEPTEMBER 7, 7 PM: As Prairie Avenue approaches its 100th anniversary, a new chapter begins. To begin a deeper discussion on the mission and call in the 21st Century, we are beginning a study of two books: Thrive by Ruth Fletcher, and Everywhere You Look by Tim Soerens. Both books are available online or order. 

Use Your Gifts by sharing five acts of love and kindness each week
Serve God and neighbor by using your gifts and talents both inside and outside the walls of the church. Each of us have spiritual gifts and natural abilities to use to serve others and glorify God.

Worship Leaders Needed

In the next couple of weeks , we would like to have our lay leadership return to lead worship. This means opening the worship service with call to worship, opening prayer, offering invitation and offering prayer. These materials are provided for you early in the week you are serving. Since our audio equipment is not returned from the February burglary, you will have to clearly project without microphone. We will have separate schedules for 8 am and 9:30 am services. 



September 17, 10 AM

We expect the weather to cooperate as we gather one last time this season to pick up litter and debris from our adopted boulevards along Prairie and East Main. Litter getting equipment provided, finished in about a half hour. 

Prairie Avenue to Host 2022 Illinois Solar Tour

Saturday September 24,

10 am - 3 pm

For the first time since its installation in October 2020, Prairie Avenue Christian Church will be a host site for the Illinois Solar Education Association Solar Tour. Representatives from Faith in Place, Hawk-Atollo Energy will be present. Arrangments are being finalized. We need volunteer hosts throughout the event to welcome visitors and guests. 


September 1 - 6



2- Tiffany Ray


6 - Don & Barbara Humphries

Membership Anniversaries

(When you joined Prairie Avenue!)


If you know of a birthday or anniversary that has gone "Missing" from our list, please contact the church office at 217-428-3327. Thanks.

Give Regularly through five acts of generosity each month
Giving regularly not only supports the work of the church,
but also is your way of giving God priority in your life.
What we love is where we will spend first.
When we are able to give, it always deepens our faith
in loving and serving God.
Thank You for your generosity!
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2022 Reconciliation Special Offering

Sunday, September 25 - October 2

The Reconciliation Ministry Special Offering is received each year in congregations on the last Sunday in September and the first Sunday in October (in solidarity with World Communion Sunday). Funds generated by this special emphasis are used throughout the year to provide grants to ministries and congregations actively developing and implementing programs that promote our Church’s Pro-Reconciliation and Anti-Racist identity. These programs and efforts seek to reveal, re-educate, and remove systemic and structural barriers in our communities that serve to deny the image of God and human thriving based on race.

Your gifts to Reconciliation Ministry strengthens our Church’s witness to God’s unending love for all of humanity. With your generosity, leaders, communities, and our congregations are equipped to witness God’s love and justice at all times and in every season. The time is always ripe to stand up for justice to ensure that all of God’s children are treated equitably. Thank you for joining us on this journey through your generosity.

Does Your Bank/Financial Institution

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If so, you can make sure your tithe/gift/offering arrives whether you are able to attend or not! Often when someone is absent, their offering is also. Or you left it on the table while coming to church! You can set up Prairie Avenue Christian Church as a "bill" (we are not, of course) and schedule timely checks to be mailed at no cost to our address. Many members have taken advantage of our online giving portal, but it also charges fees each time! Avoid the service charges and fees by setting us up as a regular payment through your bank/financial institution. Without fail, your support will arrive. Set your "payment" plan today.

General Fund Supports Operations & Ministry

Donations given to the Prairie Avenue Christian Church General Fund support the year-round ministries of the church. Your generous support keeps our building, staff, and operations working for the mission of the church. The mission of Prairie...
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Building Fund Supports Repair & Updates

Announced at the State of the Church address on June 30, 2015, the reFresh capital campaign has two improvement/update priorities: updating HVAC equipment and internet/network accessibility.
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Share Your Faith by inviting 5 people to church this year
The God you worship is always revealed through your words and actions. Awkward conversations (i.e. "Are you saved?") are not necessary when your words and actions reveal the God you seek to learn, love, and serve.
In Other News
Imagine with me: Financial Ministries - Pension Fund, DCEF, Foundation

Learn more about Disciples Church Extension Fund:

Learn more about Christian Church Foundations: 


Learn more about the Pension Fund of the Christian Church:

Imagine with Me:

Financial Ministries

On this episode of Imagine with Me, General Minister and President, Rev. Terri Hord Owens welcomes Rev. Dr. Todd Adams, President and CEO of the Pension Fund of the Christian Church, Rev. Gary Kidwell, President of the Christian Church Foundation and Belinda King, President of Disciples Church Extension Fund. Their conversation talks about the role of the financial ministries of the church in doing the transformative work of the church. 

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