Climate & Environmental Justice Recording,
Resources and Reflection

Thank you for registering for The Better Together Sessions! It was great to see everyone at the zoom meeting and wonderful to embark on these conversations together. If you didn't have a chance to join last night's session, we recorded it for you. 

We invite you to watch and share the recording, read through the chat log responses, explore the session resources provided below. We encourage you to use the time in-between sessions to reflect on how you can ensure equity in your personal climate work as well as our collective actions as ECA.

PLEASE give us some feedback:
What suggestions do you have for how ECA can become a more inclusive organization?  What type of training would be helpful in supporting you to be more inclusive and a better ally in your climate work? Let us know your thoughts in our feedback form. Click here.

And consider these questions over the coming month:
  • What are some steps you have taken to ensure equity is centered in your work?
  • What is your vision for Equitable Climate Action?

Next Session: Thursday, October 14, Accountability. Please consider inviting and bringing a friend to the next session!
Don't forget to give us feedback. Click here.
Session Resources

ECA’s Equity and Justice Guiding Questions for our leadership team, chapters and members.

Vision for Equitable Climate Action (VECA) full version

Next Session: Thursday, October 14, Accountability

Climate Justice Explained
Pollution is Segregated" Says the Father of Environmental Justice (Robert Bullard) on Amanpour & Company

What is Environmental Justice?
Stacey Abrams' Powerful Speech at Climate Action Now Event in Georgia, Sept 1, 2021

  • Yale Climate Connections - "What is Climate Justice" It begins with the idea that the adverse impacts of a warming climate are not felt equitably among people. By Daisy Simmons.
  • Shondaland  - “Climate Justice is Racial Justice, Racial Justice is Climate Justice”; Rev Yearwood discusses why the climate crisis and environmental injustice play out within the same systems of white supremacy and structural racism that are at the root of police brutality.
  • The Hill - “The Next Disaster for Black communities”; Rev Yearwood joint op-ed with Kathy Egland (chair of the Environmental & Climate Justice Committee for the National Board of Directors of NAACP) connects what systemic racism and intensifying hurricane seasons mean for Black communities.
  • Common Dreams - “All We're Asking Is to Let Us Live: Stop the Money Pipeline Now”; back in January Hip Hop Caucus helped launch the Stop The Money Pipeline campaign to shut down fossil fuel financing. Rev Yearwood gave an impassioned speech while occupying a Chase bank in Washington D.C. about why transitioning from fossil fuels is a matter of life or death for communities of color.
  • Yes! Magazine. "How Environmental Organizations Can Cultivate Real Inclusivity," BY Ambika Chawla AMBIKA CHAWLA, AUG 11, 2020
  • Timeline: Early Landmark Events in the Environmental Justice Movement These 11 moments from the late-20th Century furthered the fight for environmental self-determination among America’s communities of color, By Agya K. Aning, August 16, 2021


  • The Coolest Show podcast (Hosted by Reverend Yearwood, Hop Hop Caucus) This is a brilliant podcast series focused on environmental and climate justice, we highly recommend it!
  • A few of our favorite episodes (but they are all excellent):  
  • Catherine Coleman Flowers
  • Leah Thomas
  • Shalanda Baker
  • Dogwood Alliance Woods and Wilds Podcast hosts Erniko Brown and Kimala Luna from Dogwood Alliance and Elizabeth Lashay from SlayTheMic talk with activists and change makers.
  • America Adapts to Climate Change Podcast Each episode, Doug Parsons sits down with scientists, activists, policymakers, and journalists to discuss the tough questions facing this country and the world as we confront humanity's greatest challenge.

  • Clean and White the History of Environmental Racism in the United States by Carl A. Zimring
  • All We Can Save: Truth, Courage and Solutions for the Climate Crisis, Edited by Elizabeth Johnson and Katharine K. Wilkinson

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