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Uranus on the Dragon's Head: Separating Truth From Ego

By Soul Level Astrologer Mark Borax
Putney Mountain,Vermont
For much of August Uranus sits on the Dragon's Head at 19° Taurus: A crown that turns into goat horns. The crown symbolizes both higher consciousness and delusional ego; the goat summons us to get our hands into the raw stuff of life, which can help us tell the difference.
Uranus is supercharging human willpower, to bust up ego-calcification and release the great love beneath. Until you get stubborn about what you love, it's hard to know what your love is made of. Until you dare yourself to believe in something ecstatic, it's hard to separate truth from ego.

Willpower and desire are currently setting chains of events in motion, that can get us to the place where Spirit takes over.
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It takes extra inspiration from down deep to help Uranus break open the old stories and thought forms. You need a lot of self to be selfless these days, as delusion has taken over mass consciousness.

Now that mainstream media has become corporatized into one huge ad for Big Pharma and a scandal sheet feeding on celebrity news porn, the early stages of revolution are at hand, demanding a news of the soul that breaks down the barriers between you and yourself.

Your Medicine In the Making

Our ancient, earth-connected ancestors tracked withVenus and embraced a journey of radical renewal through the mysterious way this planet moves through the sky, rising and disappearing with a trusted consistency.

On September 14, 2022, Venus will disappear from the morning sky, marking a time of death and rebirth as this planet meets with the sun and rises anew as the evening star on December 1, 2022.

An intimate circle of folxs will harness the regenerative energies of this current Venus Cycle by gathering together in Alstead, NH October 13 - 16, 2022 for a potent weekend experience. Facilitated by Soul Level Astrologer Marcella Eversole & Expressive Arts Therapist Mireya Alejo Marcet, this in-person retreat will support you to enter states of altered consciousness (naturally, with breath & ritual) so that you can shed oppressive personal & ancestral patterns and better connect with the sacred gifts you've been given.

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Who Are You Really? Why are you here?
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Mark Borax
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