Dear friends,

During this global health crisis, we're all doing what we can to support each other. For us, it's about communicating information.

There's a lot of it flying around from government, business, nonprofits and media outlets. But we couldn't find one place in Martin County where all the key info was listed. 

So we created it ourselves. We're excited to share with you Firefly's new resource website: .

Quickly pulled together, it's got: 
  • Restaurants that are open for takeout and delivery
  • Credible sources for health, government and business updates
  • Nonprofit organizations on the front line that are providing basic needs to a growing number of citizens
  • Fun, interesting things to do and learn to stay busy while many of us are remote working, home from school and sheltering at home

Please help us build this resource page and continuously add to it.  

Send your info and ideas to or text me at 772-260-5483.

We may be separated, but we are all in this together.
Take good care,
Stacy Weller Ranieri
Founder, president and Chief Illuminator
Does your community need a resource page like the one we made for Martin County?

Does your business need immediate assistance with reinventing your digital, social and online presence during these unprecedented times?

Firefly is here to help. Whether you need us right now - or after we emerge on the other side of this. And we will get through this. Stronger and more resilient than ever.

Check out our website , Email us or call us at 772.287.5272. | 772.287.5272