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Bee's Stained Glass

December 2023

As with every other year, we close for the

holiday season...but this year we have

to close earlier than expected.

We are CLOSED from

Dec 11th thru Feb 14th, 2024

I am on my way to have a total knee replacement.

Not that it was totally expected, but

I have developed an allergy to steroids...

Which kind of put me on this trajectory...

That being said:

I will be out of commission for at least 4 weeks

(I was told 6 weeks,

but I am hoping not to be out that long).

I want to thank everyone for their understanding...

And we

Hope everyone has a Merry Christmas &

A Happy New Year!!!

Bee & Tim

[Bee's Stained Glass]

[233 Longfield Rd, Colonial Beach, VA 22443]


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