As I write, I am watching the opening worship of General Conference 2020 (being held in 2024 cause, pandemic).  They are celebrating communion.  Nearly a thousand people from all over the world, hearing the liturgy in multiple languages and from presenters of many nationalities.  This is a profound moment of unity for a church that has been strained and divided in recent years. 

Over 12 days these delegates will wrestle with many continuous issues.  It is not an easy thing to discern the immediate future of the church.  The final future is on full display in every celebration of communion: The whole body of Christ—every color, gender, ability, and language—partaking in a sacred meal that proclaims the victory of Christ in all things. Living that future in the shorter term is the challenge. 

Major issues on the table include Regionalization or should all geographic areas of the world have the same relationship to the Book of Discipline and General conference; whether to keep, remove, or revise the Discipline’s language around human sexuality; and the proposed revision of the Social Principles.  You can follow everything that is happening at: General Conference 2020 ( 

I hope you will join me in holding all the delegates and leaders in prayer for the next couple of weeks.  If you are interested in watching worship, presentations, or floor debate you can check out the live stream at: Livestream (  A full schedule is available here: Schedule: General Conference ( Or you can get daily digests and commentary from UMNews at General Conference News and Commentary ( 

Closer to home, we have a big weekend coming up May 4 & 5.  Our first Brunch Church experience is that Saturday at the Central City Co-op. And on Sunday don’t forget your item and dish for the Talent Auction Potluck. Mark your calendar and plan to be part of these great events. 

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