Dear Austin Women Invest to Elect Members-

We are delighted to have made it through February 2021 and look forward to some exciting events and opportunities within the group. 

PLEASE NOTE the Senator Hassan event has now been rescheduled to Monday March 8th. Timing is proposed for 6:00 pm, but will be confirmed in the next day or so.

A message from the campaign;

“As you know, the Senate will be voting this week on President Biden's COVID-19 relief bill. The current plan is on Wednesday the Senate should vote on the "motion to proceed" to the bill. Then on Thursday afternoon/evening at a tbd time, the Senate will begin a "vote-a-rama" on the relief bill, involving a seemingly endless series of 10-minute votes on amendments to the bill. When the Senate had a similar "vote-a-rama" last month related to COVID-19 relief, things didn't wrap up until 5am the next morning. The good news, however, is that once the Senate concludes this insane series of votes, the relief bill should secure final passage in the Senate! At which point it will then head to the House for final passage and then finally to the President's desk for signature.”

Should you be able to join this event at the rescheduled time, and/or wish to invite a prospective member to attend our first event of the cycle, please RSVP HERE

Emily’s List has advised that Senator Hassan is the most vulnerable Democrat incumbent up for re-election in 2022. She narrowly won in 2016 with a margin of 743 votes. We expect her to be a target for Republicans and it is likely that Kelly Ayotte will seek to retake her former US Senate seat. 

Electing Women’s Alliance monthly call 
If you missed the February call with Karen DiFillippi, the EVP of Federal Races for EMILY’s List, who broke down their take on the Senate and Gubernatorial races for the 2022 cycle, please see a link for very informative recording HERE. 

This month’s call will be on March 11th at 3:00 pm CST with Senator Patty Murray. Please RSVP to even though we are posting the Zoom details here.

Join Zoom Meeting:
Meeting ID: 939 3065 5445
Passcode: 733916

Membership and Member Information
Thinking about introducing a friend to Austin Women Invest to Elect? If so, please see our new pledge form HERE. If you wish to introduce a friend to the group through our membership committee for more information, please reach out to Kelly Dixon or Beth Falcone. 

The member page of the website is the best place to go see updated events, candidate profiles and links. We would prefer not to only rely on posts to our members only Facebook page as many are navigating away from Facebook. Please do check the page regularly as we also strive to rely on email only for monthly newsletters and event votes and reminders.
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Highlighting Organizations We Love!  
While I2E is an amazing way to support candidates and engage civically, if you are looking for other ways to get involved, we will be featuring organizations that align with and further our values each month in our newsletter.  

This month we would like to showcase Annie’s List! Annie’s List’s vision is to achieve equity for women by changing the face of power in Texas. To do this, they recruit, train, support and elect progressive women who are dedicated to advancing the self-determination, health, safety and financial security of Texas women and their families. In the 2018 election cycle, 65 Democratic women were on the ballot for the Texas Legislature. Of these, 85% were trained or supported by Annie's List. Many of I2E’s events over the years have been supported by Annie’s list leadership, including our very own I2E Co-chair and Annie’s List Board Chair Laura Hernandez.

Annie’s List is gearing up for the 2022 cycle and has already trained over 100 women seeking office from school boards, city council to the Texas House.  

Best WELL wishes -

Elizabeth and Laura

Password - 2021X0vmfWcz5
Executive Committee members:
Casey Chapman Ross, Beth Falcone, Karen Meyer, Karyn Scott, Kelly Dixon, Mary Anna Paul, Stacy Alexander, Hannah Temple, Laura Rose Wilson, Tanya Payne, Nan McRaven, Helen Bryan, Laura Cho, Lizza Harrison, Meena Vendal, Pooja Sethi, Amy Brown, Yael Ouzillou, Susan Blount, Laura Hernandez and Elizabeth Bray

Group and Committee Chairs:
I2E Co-Chairs 2021 - Laura Hernandez and Elizabeth Bray
Candidate Co-Chairs- Lizza Harrison (EWA) and Pooja Sethi (Texas)
Membership Co-Chairs-  Beth Falcone and Kelly Dixon
Events Co-Chairs- Amy Brown and Tanya Payne
Finance Chair- Susan Blount
Governance Chair- Laura Scanlan Cho