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Selling a Plastics Processing Company?
Here are Five Common Surprises:
Selling a business is a (second) full-time job. Many business owners are surprised by the amount of work involved in selling a business... Read More

Confidentiality and key customer discussions. Most owners are concerned with confidentiality when they sell their business... Read More

Post-sale transition. Many owner/operators of plastics businesses are an integral part of the company... Read More

Valuation. Most owners of small businesses are great operators, but many do not have a lot of M&A experience... Read More

Treatment of receivables, inventory, equipment, and retained earnings. Although many different deal structures are available to a seller and buyer... Read More
Current Sell-Side Mandates
  • $30 Million Precision Stamper/Insert Molder
  • $15 Million Automotive Injection Molder in Mexico
  • $10 Million Custom Injection Molder in South Carolina
  • $ 7 Million Custom Injection Molder in Colorado
  • $ 5 Million Custom Injection Molder in Ohio
  • $ 5 Million Liquid Silicone Rubber (LSR) Molder in the Northeast

Recent Transactions
Houston, TX April 2019 TRUEGRID of Houston, TX has been acquired by Airlite Plastics of Omaha, NE. TrueGrid makes high-performance pavers that control runoff, create less thermal pollution and reduce waste for landfills, among other ecological benefits.

Delta Pacific Acquired
Union City, CA –   April 2019 Delta Pacific Products, Inc. and its wholly-owned subsidiaries NxTBio Technologies and Prism Plastics Products have been acquired by global holding company Westfall Technik. All three acquired entities operate as standalone businesses.

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