Dear Ministry Partner,

My whole team had much on their schedules for the month of June. Even though we had our own schedules, we still could see ways that each of us were selfless. Each team member needed assistance to accomplish the goal. Working together is at the core of ministry and is very rewarding.

Whether it's doing life with the family or strengthening believers, it is necessary to be selfless rather than harvest egos. A quote reads "Selflessness helps us act from our heart and soul instead of our ego." I can feel that... Can you think of anyway you have been selfless? One, is your attention to God's heart, the spread of the Gospel. I'd like to share with you some updates below.

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We praise God for allowing us to introduce more people to this great training! Pastor E promoted the ministry among 17 people for a potential new class (left pic). Pastor E also held a Teacher Training Workshop (TTW) with 11 attendees at a local church (right pic). We praise God that eight are now our new partners.

Pastor E is teaching Course 4 to 3 classes. In the left picture, he is seen teaching one of those classes. Also, Teacher Q is teaching pastors in Course 2: Old Testament Survey (right pic).

Testimony from a teacher in Pakistan

"Greetings in the Almighty name of our Lord, Jesus Christ. I am a pastor in 2 churches and I thank God for this opportunity to learn proper biblical teaching for my pastoral life. I am being equipped in the Word of God through this CCI training. It has changed my life, teaching, preaching and I am growing spiritually. Therefore, I am thankful to the Lord for CCI classes and I am praying to be blessed more through this training."

-Mr. M


Pastor S is teaching Course 3 in northern Bangladesh and then in southern Bangladesh. His 3 classes are going well. In the picture on the right, Pastor D visited for CCI training.

Pastor D trains 4 groups on Course 3, New Testament Survey; two are among the unreached. Notice in the pictures the new building God has granted to the people through Pastor D and CCI training.

Testimony from Bangladesh

"We say that God is “good and kind” towards us always and in every way. I've been training with the CCI team for the last three years through the CCI curriculum. The training is a blessing for my ministry. Your everyday prayer support brings a significant benefit to our Church Planting Ministry. The Regional Director for India Subcontinent Countries, the CCI President, and a CCI student, came from the USA to Bangladesh last year to facilitate the God's Financial Principles (GFP) Seminar and visit our churches. The footsteps of the CCI team blessed me to build a new church building for the church where I can train and disciple the members. We have received prayer support as well as financial support from the CCI team for building the church. We express our sincere gratitude to all who joined the team and gave financial support."

-A CCI certified trainer and a pastor-in-training

North India

A Teacher Training Workshop (TTW) was conducted in northern India among 10 attendees at a local church. They represented 8 ministries.

Also, a God’s Financial Principles (GFP) seminar was conducted in in the same area among 7 leaders. The seminar helps them to steward God’s resources appropriately:

Your giving impacts and enlarges the kingdom of God! These are two teachers who are serving diligently:

Testimony from a student in North India

"Hello, greetings in Jesus’ name. I want to thank God for all of you who have supported me as I completed CCI classes in North India. I was able to learn so many awesome new things, like how to preach, teach, train others and make disciples. By the grace of God, I am going to be graduating next month. Please pray for me and my family. Once again, thank you so much for the opportunity and support to have such wonderful Bible courses for my life."

- Mr. K


Our CCI Certified Trainer in UAE, Pastor S, is ministering to a group of people. He is also pictured ministering to a group of men who took a break from working during the day.


There are 12 classes running across Nepal. Pastor S was able to visit the central and eastern Nepal classes. Here are pictures from two of his visits:

Eastern class

Western class

Testimony from Nepal

"The CCI training is helping me to understand and it explains God’s Word more clearly. This is a very fruitful and refreshing time for me to dig in His word. Now, I confidently can share His Word in an expository way. I believe this is very beneficial for our church."

                  ~Mr. H

Thank you for your prayers and your support.

I appreciate you.

Regional Director of the India Subcontinent

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Prayers & Praises


  • Please pray for our upcoming training classes around Nepal.
  • Pray for funds to publish the CCI Nepali version of training materials.
  • Pray that all staff can attend the CCI Global Conference with much needed funds. Finances are a big hindrance to attending. Click button at bottom of page to help.
  • Pray for 13 students who will continue to have class continuously for 2 more months.
  • Please pray for our two new teachers who will be leading CCI classes.


  • Please pray for God's Financial Principles (GFP) Seminar seminar and Teacher Training Workshop (TTW) in July.
  • Please pray for us to receive 40 Bibles.
  • Please pray for teachers’ wisdom and teaching.
  • Please pray for more partnerships for CCI in Pakistan.
  • Please pray for the students to understand the Bible.
  • Please pray for my travels to central Pakistan, which is more than 4 hours away from my home.


  • Please pray that our students can continue the training class and extend into new areas.
  • We travel outside regularly to train the students, share the Gospel, visit the church members in new areas, for Sunday service and ministry purposes. We need your prayer support for our safety and security.
  • We have a new initiative through CCI students as they model godliness to the unreached people. Your prayers would be an added blessing for them.
  • We praise God that a motorcycle is on the way to Pastor D through an organization. Now he can move frequently and visit with the students and church members.
  • Praise God that Mr. A and his wife have a healthy baby boy.
  • Pray for Mr. T as he is facing some problems with his wife, who is a non-believer. Pray for peace and salvation for his wife.
  • Pray for Ms. B. She is suffering with hemoglobin issues and anemia.
  • Pray for the CCI certified trainer and his wife, as they are planning and praying for God to bless them with another child.
  • Floods have occurred in some districts of Bangladesh. About 20,000 people are trapped in water. Pray that the water recedes quickly and the situation returns to normal.
  • Pray for spiritual stimulation increases of all believers in Bangladesh.
  • Continue pray for CCI ministry in Bangladesh.

North India

  • Praise for two new classes, which started in parts of North India.
  • That the Lord would open doors to support more teachers.
  • That poor students can be provided with scholarships in order to buy books.
  • Pray for our CCI Area Coordinator as he wants to own his own house, instead of renting.
  • Please pray for the graduation that is planned for July 5, 2023 for 3 classes.


  • For long-term visa and immigration approval.
  • For a great ceremony to honor the graduates.
  • For new qualified teachers to begin to train others.
  • For foreign staff to faithfully serve God with integrity.
  • For our families to be strengthened as we follow God in obedience.
  • Ministry in subcontinent to be stable under staff’s leadership.
  • Bengali staff to be diligent in hardship, also salvation for others.
  • Bengali Translation to go well.
  • Please pray for all to be able to attend the Global Conference in Thailand this November. The staff of CCI India Subcontinent Countries is looking forward to the Global Conference to be held in Thailand in November. Many would like to go, but do not have the money to BUY PLANE TICKETS. Please pray for God’s provision for this. If you feel led to help, please click below:
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