Commercial & Industrial Interlocking Flooring
SelecTech goes to school     
In recent newsletters, you’ve read about SelecTech installations at schools and universities. Our flooring products serve that market well for several reasons.

For some schools, like Durfee High School, they are repurposing older buildings. Our interlocking FreeStyle BioLock product serves that purpose well as it can be installed over an existing floor. This bypasses the process of removing existing floor and saves time and money and possible remediation costs.

One current trend in commercial real estate has been the conversion of office space into labs. This is to meet the needs of the growing life sciences industry and the downsizing of other companies. While colleges and universities have always had labs, there’s an even greater need for these facilities as institutions of higher learning to train the next generation of scientists (and attract the better students with more modern facilities).

For more on how our FreeStyle products can work for a school or university, click on the button below. Or, give us a call at 508-583-3200.
Why is FreeStyle perfect for the cannabis industry?
While the perception of cannabis is that it’s a plant that must be grown outdoors, the preparation for resale requires a lab.

With the cannabis industry growing daily, the demand for labs at these facilities follows suit. Here’s a recent blog on FreeStyle flooring products and its use in cannabis labs.
Flexible Labs
Commercial buildings are used by businesses every day and work to achieve an ideal environment for all employees and personnel who will be using the space. A sufficient environment includes specifications like proper air control, comfort, internal organization, and more. Access floors exist to let you access the materials and equipment located underneath your work space without the complication of digging into a subfloor.

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