May News & Updates
Recreational activities are available to you and your family member. Click the link below to find out additional resources that are available in each of your counties today.
Stephen Komninos' Law
Stephen Komninos' Law went into effect as of May 1, 2018. The below link provides fact sheets, letters to families/providers and link to Provider video overview.

Can I work and keep my benefits? How much can I make?
What happens if my household income changes or a parents benefits changes?

Did you know that DVRS can offer more than just vocational services?

Some Examples:
  • Training Opportunities
  • Small business funding
  • Career Counseling
  • Job Accommodations
  • Vehicle Modification

Spectrum Employee Spotlight
Corrinne has her Master's degree in Social Work and is a Licensed Social Worker. She has worked as a social worker in various settings such as nursing homes, with youth in therapeutic foster homes and individuals with developmental disabilities. She is a mom to 3 young boys, twins who will turn 3 years old this July, and the third who is 18 months old. They keep her busy most of the time, but when she has free time she enjoys shopping and going to the beach.