Alpha Imaging e-Newsletter March 2023

Shimadzu X-1
Shimadzu G4

Absolutely no one rivals the R/F options that we can provide. Our three selections include conventional, remote and Tilt-C R/F systems boasting unique features that result in improved outcomes, maximum patient/user safety and superior image quality. 


The Shimadzu X-1 is the ideal choice for busy departments that need the flexibility of an elevating table in a conventional R/F system. The elevating table along with the largest tabletop-to-spot device aperture in the industry eliminates the need to transfer patients from wheelchairs, hospital beds and gurneys to the table for any exam. There’s no better solution for mitigating patient falls and staff injuries!


The Shimadzu G4 LX takes universal imaging to new heights with advanced applications such as tomosynthesis and SLOT Beam to increase your departments productivity.


The Intell-C is the intelligent choice for those looking for a universal R/F system that includes lateral imaging capabilities and compound angulation for the ultimate in operational efficiencies. 


No matter your needs, Alpha Imaging has the R/F products to meet all your imaging requirements. Contact your Sales Consultant today for more information!

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