Informa & AdvantageCS Partner for eCommerce Growth

Informa is a leading international events, digital services, and academic research group with over 11,000 employees in over 43 countries. Informa provides professionals with year-round content, connections, and opportunities, and helps sponsors and marketers with digital services that reach the right audiences. 

In 2017, Informa sought a solution that would quickly allow its employees to create and manage landing pages and websites for the business. They turned to AdvantageCS to explore the potential of our ecommerce platform, Cider, in achieving this goal. 

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How Advantage Can Help Your Business

to Grow

Advantage has been a catalyst for growth for countless clients over the years. The breadth of capabilities, the tools for streamlining business processes and the ease of experimenting with new features have all been purposefully designed and built to help our clients succeed. Here are just 5 of the many ways that Advantage can help your business to grow. 

1. By supporting multiple revenue models designed to help you meet your customer’s preferences for how they consume your content...

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Save the Date for the European Advantage Users Group (EAUG) 2024!

Thursday, 10 October - Friday 11 October at the Oxford University Press in Oxford, England.

The Future of Print

In the mid-15th century, Johannes Gutenberg invented the printing press, allowing information to be distributed faster than ever before. In the years following, printed texts spread across the western world like wildfire, as did ideas, literacy, and reform. Print-based publishing quickly became the primary method of sharing written knowledge – a role it held for centuries. 

In recent years, the dominance of print has been challenged by the advent of the digital media market. Through the internet, information can now spread instantaneously. This has created a paradigm shift in the way that we consume information. The convenience of these innovations is hard to say no to, and year by year, more people are choosing digital content. This is reflected by a recent survey which found that 58% of US adults prefer getting their news from digital devices. By comparison, only 5% of respondents preferred print publications. This trend is especially evident in younger generations, with 83% of respondents under 30 preferring digital devices.

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Engineering Intern Spotlight: Meet

Collin & Nathan

Spring is officially here and that means it’s internship season at AdvantageCS! This year, we’re excited to welcome two interns to the company:

Meet Collin Johnson

Collin Johnson from Dexter, Michigan, is pursuing a Computer Science & Engineering degree at the University of Michigan. He has always been interested in computer science but found his passion during high school when he joined the FIRST Robotics team as a programmer...

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