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Crystal Surface Mount – Series CRS
High quality LED signage with balanced optics, exceptional brightness and uniformity utilizing diamond polished lenses. Extruded aluminum housing and canopy are fitted with a unique “cam-lock” mount which allows universal wall or ceiling mount without special tools or parts. Learn more here.
Touchscreen Lighting Control

An integrated touchscreen lighting control solution for seamless control of traditional line-voltage dimming and switching. Architecturally designed with glass-to-the-edge look to enhance commercial environments with a thin profile. Set levels for zones, channels, and groups with building management systems (BMS) through BACnet/IP.

IOTA® ILBLP Low Profile Emergency Drivers is a great solution for enclosed and gasketed luminaires. Integral-mount (non-flex) ILBLP units can be safely installed within these enclosed luminaire types. 

The ILBLP CP15 HE SD is a UL Listed LED emergency driver that allows the same LED fixture to be used for both normal and emergency operation. In the event of a power failure, the ILBLP CP15 HE SD switches power from the normal AC Driver and operates the fixture for 90 minutes in the emergency mode from the unit’s battery supply.

Switchable White Flat LED Wafer Canless Downlight

The 4-inch, 6-inch and 8-inch Wafer™ LED Flat Smooth Downlights with Switchable White features a switch for five easy color temperature adjustments – while eliminating the need for recessed housings.

Rotonda Asymmetric

The ROTONDA Asymmetric luminaire is perfect for large areas allowing for new design layouts with its offset circular opening and voluminous fabric shades. Available in three diameters up to 39" with configuration options that include a variety of thirty standard colors. The inside and outside diameters can be the same or coordinated for up to 900 different color combinations. This decorative luminaire is available in surface, stem, or pendant mounting.

Modular Light Column System

A comprehensive lighting system that can be configured to blend into its specific architectural environment. The original nine-inch columns, with heights ranging from low-level bollards to 30' tall columns, continue to offer combinations of up, down, and lateral light distributions for area or street lighting, pathway illumination and accenting. Specialty modules to accept security cameras or convenience outlets with in-use covers expand its versatility. Learn more.
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