June Giving Update


Financial Update

For the month of May, revenues were $198,305 and expenses were $299,348, for a net of $(101,042). The Giving Goal for May was $171,228 and $137,807 was given – thank you! For the first eleven months of this fiscal year the Giving Goal was $2,162,524 and $2,063,942 was given. For reference, the Giving Goal for the first nine months of this fiscal year was $1,811,707 and $1,804,375 was given. We missed our Giving Goal for April and May by a total of $ (91,249). We ask you to prayerfully consider a gift over and above your regular tithes, offerings and gifts to help us finish the fiscal year strong on June 30th.

For the fiscal year ending May 31st, total revenues were $3,432,510 and total expenses were $3,471,472 for a net of $(38,961). Expenses were under plan by $(183,202). At the end of May, the Building Fund total was $137,956. Click here for a comparison of operating revenues and expenses for FY2024 as of May 31st.

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Job Opportunities

GateWay of Hope, one of our twelve mission partners, is looking to hire someone to fill their Administrative Assistant position. If you or someone you know is interested, please reach out to Chelsie Carroll at chelsie.carroll@clcop.org for further details.

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