Spring has Sprung at FTR!
Spring has Sprung! We can see it in the young sprouts of our FTR garden and feel it in the soft air that beckons us back to Saturday bootcamps in Sugar House Park. Read on to learn more about springtime at FTR! If you have suggestions for future newsletters, contact editor Sarah Kappos at skappos@hotmail.com

FTR Takes National Stage 
Ian Acker and Lacey Garcia were invited to speak at CCAR, the Connecticut Community for Addiction Recovery national  conference in Groton, Connecticut on May 1-4. The conference featured speakers from across the country including recovery coach Bernadette Gleason (pictured), each bringing their own perspectives on multiple pathways for recovery. FTR's "Four-Pillars of Recovery" model (exercise, nutrition, creativity, community service) was well-received in two workshops.
"We felt honored and privileged to present alongside so many respected organizations," Ian said. Special kudos to Phil Valentine, CCAR executive director, for "his passion for recovery and for making newcomers feel welcome," and to Chiara Maggiore, "for managing the thousands of details involved in bringing hundreds of people together to further recovery." Download the FTR presentation.
FTR Welcomes Strong Hope as a Sustainer Level Partner!   

Strong Hope, a specialized military program hosted in the Salt Lake Behavioral Health treatment facility, serves our active duty and veteran service members. Strong Hope chose Fit To Recover to design a weekly training regimen to supplement the therapeutic endeavors that members are engaged in as part of their recovery process. 
Strong Hope is a group therapy based program that treats Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. Fit To Recover provides three dedicated hours weekly as a form of prolonged exposure and somatic release that allow the participant to engage in challenging workouts led by FTR trainers James Sjostrom and Matt Lane, both veterans.
FTR provides an opportunity for these warriors to come together, build team camaraderie, and regain confidence in their abilities in an environment that is safe and supportive. We are grateful to be part of a community that celebrates and supports a dedicated healing opportunity for our service members.

For sponsorship levels and information, please visit our Sponsors Page

On April 23rd, athletes from the FTR gym participated in the Tactical Strength Challenge (TSC). Many broke personal records for maximum pull ups, deadlift and the 5-minute snatch test.  

Every athlete would agree, they owe their high level of performance to our lead trainer James Sjostrom (pictured).  He runs TSC  training on Saturday mornings at 8:30 a.m.  The next TSC is slated for October 1st of this year.

Among the most notable competitors was Saxony Record, who tied for 1st place in the Women's Open category! The event was a testament to what people in recovery from addiction are capable of when their energy is directed in a positive way.
FTR Spotlight: Katrina Loken

Longtime FTR member Katrina Loken passed the Utah state bar exam last month and is thrilled to be rejoining the gym after months of grueling study.  

Her accomplishment is most remarkable considering the full disclosure hearing necessary to be eligible for the bar exam. With a fellow FTR member by her side, Katrina walked into a hearing where she told the whole truth of her drug addiction, the toll it took on her life, and her road to recovery.  

Katrina began regaining her sobriety strength four years ago on an afternoon of rock climbing with Marci Warner (the woman behind FTR's climbing wall.) 

It is an intimidating process for a drug addict to grow healthy again. Since getting sober in May of 2012, Katrina has run the Ogden Marathon and is a regular at FTR classes.  She is a quiet and kind woman who can often be found in the parking lot of the gym, having a heart-to-heart with a fellow addict.  She is also a regular at the River Writing classes taught by Artist-in- Residence, Sarah Kappos. In these intimate writing groups, she shares her honest stories in a uniquely poetic voice.   Katrina is a beautiful example of strength in all areas. 
Saturday Bootcamps Back on 6/4 in Sugar House Park!

FTR's free Bootcamp is returning to its roots at Sugar House Park!  Numbers are growing and the grassy field is a perfect place to spread out, sweat and savor the sunshine. Many members got their first taste of Fit To Recover here and all are welcome.

FTR began just two years ago, with a boombox and a few people who believed in the power of exercise. Weather permitting, we're back in the park June 4th. Check the FTR Calendar page for the latest.

How Does Our Garden Grow?  
With silver bells and cockle shells, and FTR members all in a row! This garden belongs to us all, so if you see a weed, pull it. If you see a sprout, celebrate it (like Pepper, one of FTR's kids)! If you see a thirsty plant, please turn the water on. Our garden is our little miracle, like so much of everything about FTR. Let's keep it growing strong. Thank you Food To Recover!

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