Registration and Attending In-Person Events and Services
Sha'ar Zahav has established the following practices for meeting in-person at this time.
  • Attendees must wear a mask, either N95, KN95 or a surgical mask with a cloth mask over.
  • Attendees must show proof of vaccination, including a booster shot.
  • Please register before attending. Even if you think you might attend, please go ahead and register. We'd prefer that you register and not show up than show up without registering. Registration helps us manage security at the door as well as provides an ability to do contact tracing, should someone come down with Covid following an in-person activity. 
  • Please remember: Sha’ar Zahav is a scent-free environment. Keeping our synagogue safe for those with scent and chemical sensitivities is part of our commitment to accessibility. Questions/concerns? Email us, the Accessibility Committee