If foot and mouth disease, classical swine fever or African swine fever is found in the United States, regulatory officials will limit the movement of animals and animal products to try and control the spread of these very contagious animal diseases.

The  Secure Pork Supply (SPS) Continuity of Business Plan  provides opportunities to voluntarily prepare before an outbreak. This will better position pork premises with animals that have no evidence of infection to:
  • Move animals to processing or another pork production premises under a movement permit issued by Regulatory Officials, and
  • Maintain business continuity for the swine industry, including producers, haulers, and packers during an FMD, CSF or ASF outbreak.

The NC Pork Council is working with the NC Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services, Iowa State University and the Pork Checkoff to bring a "Train-the-Trainer" workshop to our state to help in the creation of the Secure Pork Supply plans.

The two one-day workshops will be held May 8 & 9. If you grow for a company, company representatives will be there to learn how to create a plan and then will be assisting their contract growers in creating a plan. If you are interested in attending, please contact Jen Kendrick at jen@ncpork.org. Space is limited.

To prepare for the workshop, Iowa State University staff put on three webinars that are pre-requisites for the workshop, but helpful for anyone interested in working on a Secure Pork Supply plan:

The Center for Food Security at Iowa State also did a webinar last week about the Secure Pork Supply plan. Watch that webinar here when it posts.