Resolving the Mystery of 
Jesus of Jerusalem and Jesus of Nazareth
There is a great deal of confusion surrounding the Master Jesus among Theosophists and Anthroposophists. Theosophists believe that the Master Jesus was Jesus of Nazareth in a previous incarnation and rank the Master Jesus among the other spiritual masters. Anthroposophists believe that Jesus of Nazareth received the being of the Avatar Christ into his body for the three years of his ministry, between His baptism and crucifixion. According to Steiner, the incarnation of Christ into Jesus was the "turning point in time," and will happen only once in history. Steiner also indicates that there were two Jesus boys, one from Nazareth and another who was the reincarnation of Zarathustra, also known as Zoroaster, the great Persian Bodhisattva. The distinctions between what Theosophists and Anthroposophists believe about the Master Jesus and Jesus Christ are quite different.  
Helena Blavatsky, co-founder of the Theosophical Society in 1875, railed against those who believed in the idea that the Christ came to reside in Jesus of Nazareth. In fact, Blavatsky said in The Secret Doctrine (Vol. 1, p. 132): "Note well, "Christos" with the Gnostics meant the impersonal principal, the Atman of the Universe, and the Atma within every man's soul - not Jesus."   
This article hopes to shed light on Rudolf Steiner's view of Zarathustra, who later came to be called the Master Jesus, and clarify one of the fundamental differences between the two esoteric philosophies.  
The Incarnations of Zarathustra
According to Rudolf Steiner, Zarathustra was a student of the Great Avatar Manu, the spiritual leader of the Atlantean Sun Mystery Temple, in the City of Manu in the Central Asian Mystery Initiation Center around 7000 BC. Zarathustra is a human initiate filled with the wisdom of a Bodhisattva who has risen up to an angelic and archangelic view of the world through his many incarnations.
Zarathustra, or Zoroaster, led the ancient Persian culture from 5067 BC until 2907 BC through the age of Gemini developing the human etheric body; modern Zoroasterism is a late derivative of this Ancient Persian culture that we know only slightly through the existing records.
  Zarathustra, the principle leader of the Ancient Persian epoch, wrote the Gathas, the Zend Avesta, and the Chaldean Oracles and domesticated most of the farm animals we still eat today and many of our grains and vegetables. He crossbred the lily with the wild grasses to create modern grains, and the rose with vines and trees to create many of the strains of fruits that we still eat today. Zarathustra was the priest-king who created the laws and ordered all aspects of culture, just as Manu had done through the Holy Rishis for the ancient Indian Epoch from 7227 BC to 5067 BC. 
  Zarathustra also acted through the astral body of Hermes who led the Egyptian culture just as Zarathustra led the Persian and Manu the Indian. Hermes wrote the Egyptian laws, temple rituals, dogma of the religion, and ordered all planting, building, and other aspects of culture and religion. 
  Zarathustra acted through the etheric body of Moses, who led the Hebrew people as its holy prophet and guide together with his brother Aaron who was a high priest. Moses created the first five books of the Old Testament and essentially ordered all Hebrew religious and cultural life.
Zarathustra incarnated again in Jesus of Jerusalem (Jesus of the Gospel of Matthew ) who was predicted by the star of the magi that brought Persian astrologers to Jerusalem to greet the King of Kings. Jesus of Jerusalem merged with Jesus of Nazareth at age twelve in the Temple of Jerusalem as the Bible insinuates . All of the human wisdom of Zarathustra's many incarnations become available to Jesus of Nazareth due to the sacrifice that Jesus of Jerusalem made by surrendering his consciousness into the young Jesus boy of twelve years old. After Jesus of Jerusalem's death, Zarathustra overlights Jesus of Nazareth from the spiritual world and witnesses the descent of Christ into Jesus of Nazareth at the baptism in the Jordan.
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