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St. Germain is a mysterious and enigmatic character whose history has been scorned and, at other times, praised with respect and wonder, making him out to be a master of some kind. Spiritual history is replete with historical anecdotes of St. Germain as a master of music, alchemy, Freemasonry, science, diplomacy, education, and dozens of other areas of human endeavor. Hundreds of people claim to have met and spoken with St. Germain over the centuries.
One of the earliest accounts was given by the Abbe de Villars who met with the mysterious Count of Gabalis in the seventeenth century, long before the more commonly known Comte de St. Germain was born. The tradition of a master coming to visit a philosopher is so common that it has become second nature with modern day New Age channelers who claim to talk with Germain and a host of other so-called masters. St. Germain builds on the legends of Christian Rosenkreutz who was written about as a world traveler versed in the wisdom of the East and the West. And like Rosenkreutz or Leonardo de Vinci, St. Germain has a reputation for a universal ability to apply his wisdom in practical ways.........

Do you know how the incarnations of St. Germain led back to Cain and Abel, Adam and Eve ? Click here to discover the esoteric history of these important lineages. 

From Solomon through Golgotha to Christian Rosenkreutz  

by Anna May von Rychter,  from indications  of  Rudolf Steiner

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Matter is music slowed down according to Steiner; architecture is frozen sound. Atoms and elements all seem to dance to the music of the spheres in their chemical exchanges that happen harmoniously throughout nature. The elements are a symphony of harmonious sharing that reflects cosmic order through the processes of a complete cycle of seven and its metamorphic power over time. We find this manifesting in all aspects of nature from caterpillars and rainbows to life cycles and planetary manifestation. 

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