"Who indeed is the victor over the world
but the one who believes
that Jesus is the Son of God?"
~ 1 John 5:5
The desire to be able to prove the existence of a divinity has troubled humanity since human consciousness first became aware of the divine. To this very day we are fond of saying that any number of things—from sunsets to hot fudge sundaes—are “proof that there is a God.” We get so caught up in the story of “doubting Thomas” that we fail to notice that today’s Gospel gives us John’s account of Pentecost, the bestowing of the Holy Spirit upon the disciples following the Resurrection. Thomas, evidently, missed out not only on seeing the Risen Christ, but receiving the Holy Spirit as well. This is not to be taken lightly and, perhaps, makes Thomas’ disbelief a bit easier to comprehend. It also makes his professing that Jesus is his Lord and God—the only time the New Testament explicitly refers to Jesus Christ as “God”—more remarkable.
RSVP for Mass
RSVP for liturgies for the Second Sunday of Easter (or Divine Mercy Sunday), April 11th, are live on Wednesday, April 7th at 7:00pm.

Please note, attendance is limited and registration is required. Schedule follows (if you need assistance making or changing your registration, please call or e-mail parish offices):

SJE Church, 5:00pm

QR Church, 8:00am

SJE Church, 9:15am

QR Church, 10:30am
Follow this link to keep up with Readings for Daily and Sunday liturgies.

Liturgy Volunteers...we have added an 11:30am Easter Sunday Mass at SJE. If you are able to volunteer, please sign-up here. Thank you!
We have added a parking lot option to most of our OLBS Easter Liturgies to accommodate overflow, and particularly those with underlying conditions. Park in the designated lot and tune to 102.5 FM radio channel to listen to Mass on your car radio, or watch from your phone on our Facebook page or Web page. At Communion, an Extraordinary Minister will distribute the Holy Eucharist to guests in each car.

Important Note: The following safety protocols continue to be enforced at ALL liturgies and in-person gatherings at both churches, parish centers and on parish grounds: face covering worn securely over nose and mouth, hands sanitized upon entry (and again prior to receiving Holy Communion), seating in marked areas only to respect social distancing, temperature checks for all events involving youth or food service and no congregating in church facilities including parking lots.

If in the previous 14 days you have traveled to a state on the watch list, experienced any cold or flu symptoms or have spent time with anyone experiencing symptoms, we ask out of an abundance of caution that you please stay home to help insure the safety of our parish family.

Wondering what to expect? Follow this link to download Parishioner Reopening Guides in Polish, Spanish or English. And take a minute to watch our Welcome Home Video on the home page!

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation during this time.
Divine Mercy Sunday
Please join us on Divine Mercy Sunday,
April 11th at QR at 2:30pm for Divine Mercy Adoration. The service will include Exposition, Prayer, praying the Divine Mercy Chaplet and Closing Benediction. All are welcome! 

Follow this link to signup for Divine Mercy.
Holy Hour
Please join us on Wednesday, April 14th at 7:00pm at QR for Eucharistic Holy Hour. Cathedrals and parishes throughout the country are encouraged to join together in prayer and adoration seeking God’s mercy for ourselves and for our nation for offenses against life, marriage, and religious liberty. We will still have Reconciliation during this time.

Follow this link to Pray for Life.
NEW Options for Morning Prayer
One significant way that Christians have prayed each day, whether alone or with a community, is through the Liturgy of the Hours.

Listen and pray along with fellow OLBS parishioners using any of the options below:
1. Download the free iBreviary app here to your smartphone device.  

2. Visit the iBreviary website and follow along from your computer or tablet (iPad or other).

3. Simply dial in and listen to pray along: 1-717-275-894 then enter the code: 990 3251#

Please be logged in or dialed into our virtual vestibule by 7:40am so we may begin on time. Prayer begins at 7:45am, concludes by 8:00am and includes a recited hymn, psalms, a reading, prayers, and intercessions. Note, we will no longer post PDF download of the prayers on our websites.
Annual Catholic Appeal
While we continue to see many new faces at Sunday liturgy, we are still not able to gather in-person as a whole parish. Please consider signing up for online giving to the parish offertory and to the Appeal. Just as we rely on your spiritual support, the Church continues to rely on your financial support to continue its work of sanctification and evangelization. Also, once we surpass our Appeal goal (we're almost there!) the amount rebated to us will be used to improve our parish sound and camera equipment.

Please follow this link if you would like to support this year's Annual Catholic Appeal.

Please know of my deepest gratitude for your participation! —Fr. Dan
NEW Drop Off Location!
When dropping donations (for example, weekly offering, special collections, Mass Intentions) off at Queen of the Rosary, please use our new lockbox at the church. You will see the mail slot (photo at right) in the left-most door as you’re facing the church.

Like the old dropbox, the new lockbox is accessible 24/7, but also offers:

  • More convenient parking/access in front of the church.
  • Ramp accessibility at the church, no need to climb even one step.
  • Help OLBS keep loose offertory envelopes safe and secure.
  • Bulletins are available at the church for one-stop drop off and pickup.
New Book Discussion
Tuesday Morning Group begins the new book “Living for a Just Society” on Tuesday, April 13th and will resume their regular schedule of 2nd/4th Tuesday each month. Please note the misprint in the 3/21 and 3/28 bulletins (Mary, Jesus' Mother and Ours is the book concluded in March). If you would like to join the new book discussion, please call the parish office (847) 956-0130.
April 14th Winter Supper
Spots are still available for cookers for the April Supper! In March, 120 meals were provided to support PADS guests being housed in local hotels.

And the April Supper is just around the corner. We're serving Cheese Tortellini for the last Winter Supper of the season. If you are able to help shop, cook, prep, pack or clean up for the Wednesday, April 14th Winter Supper, we need you!

Sign-Up Here or contact the parish office (847) 956-0130.

TEENS: Winter Suppers is a great way to have fun with family and friends while earning Service Hours!
Ephesians: Discover Your Inheritance
One of the most remarkable things about our Faith is that by God’s grace, we have become his adopted sons and daughters. In your day-to-day life, what does it mean to be a son or daughter of God—an heir to his promises and blessings? When you sit in the pews each Sunday, what does it mean to you to be part of his family, the Church? To help you uncover this meaning, OLBS will begin an eight-week Bible study Ephesians: Discover Your Inheritance on Thursday, April 22, 2021 at 7pm in Shea Hall. You will not only discover your unique gifts and calling as a member of Christ’s Church; you will also help us to grow in fellowship as a parish as we grow closer to Christ together.
Follow this link to download the registration form. Please return by mail or drop off to SJE, 601 Biesterfield Rd.

This Bible Study will be available in person (SJE Shea Hall) and via Zoom.
Say NO to Cutting Parents Out
Parents for the Protection of Girls, a coalition of Illinois leaders and parents combating the repeal of parental notice, invites you to attend a on of four webinars on March 29th, March 30th, April 7th, and April 8th. These webinars are designed to give concerned citizens the tools and information needed to fight against the repeal of the Parental Notification Act. Through these webinar sessions, attendees will learn how to set up meetings with their legislators using Zoom and conduct effective conversations with their representatives. There will also be an opportunity for attendees to ask questions.
School Report
SAVE THE DATE! Best Event of the Year!
And You Don’t Have to Leave Home!

QR School Virtual Spring Gala
Saturday, April 17th at 6:00pm

  • World-renowned comedian, Ken Garr, will make us laugh till our sides hurt.

  • Silent Auction with all your faves like teacher for the day, dinner with the Pastors, flashy ride to school

  • Plus 50/50, Paddle Raise, Live Auction, Square Pool and more!

RE Roundup
From the desks of Mrs. D, Director of Religious Education and Mrs. Uhlarik, Coordinator of Religious Education...

Please keep our second graders in your prayers over the next few weeks as they prepare to celebrate First Eucharist. Continuing to wish all of our OLBS family a peaceful and blessed Easter season.
House for Sale
Soon you will see a For Sale sign in front 
of the old unoccupied SJE rectory (single-
family house behind the church on Bristol). 
We're currently exploring options to lease 
the space to a religious order or to sell the 
house and invest the proceeds for the 
greater good of the parish.

The house is in need of refreshing and 
remodeling, and is not part of the St. Julian 
church campus proper. Additionally, with 
severe temperatures this past winter and 
nobody living in the house, damage to 
plumbing and other fixtures was incurred. 

Whatever the final determination of the 
SJE rectory house, sale or lease, should 
not be looked at as foreshadowing of 
future parish site decisions. We are 
simply looking to use available spaces 
and direct parish funds and assets where 
they will do the most good for the parish.

If you have any questions, please 
We may still be limited in gathering and need to keep our social distance for a little while longer, so we remind you that we have the following virtual tools to help us stay connected:

Sunday's Digital Worship Aid. Whether you print out or follow along on your phone, from home or inside our churches, you will find Sunday's Digital Worship Aid on the home page of our church websites: QR (scroll down to the link "Click here for digital worship aid...") and SJE (scroll down to the button "Sunday's Digital Worship Aid").

Daily Prayer. Follow this link to review daily prayer, or signup to receive daily prayer delivered right to your inbox.

Morning Prayer. No commute, no computer needed...join us on your phone Monday through Saturday for Morning Prayer. Learn more.

Weekly Bulletin. Download the weekly parish bulletin when you are unable to attend Mass.

Weekly Rosary. The Rosary is prayed at SJE on Tuesdays at 7pm. If you are unable to join us in church, we invite you to join the live-stream.

Live-Stream. We have live-stream available for Sunday liturgy and some daily Mass from both churches: QR and SJE.

Let's Get Social. Like or follow us on Facebook to receive news and updates in real time and join the conversation: QR and SJE.
Raise Your Hand
Each year our Christmas Elves bring merry and bright to children in need at Mission Our Lady of Angels by sewing more than 1000 Christmas stockings that generous parishioners then fill with candy and gifts. If you enjoy sewing, or would like to learn how, please contact the parish office about becoming a Christmas Elf today!

Follow this space for spotlights and updates on the various volunteer opportunities available around the parish. Joining a council or board or volunteering for a ministry requires a short time commitment and shows great stewardship. Please share your gifts and offer your talents to a consultative board or one of the many ministries serving our parish and community. Raise your hand. Make a real difference in the life of our parish, school and religious education programs. OLBS needs YOU!

Want to know more? Please contact the parish office (847) 956-0130.
Our OLBSlive Ministry live-streams morning Mass 6 days per week and at least two Masses every Sunday for the benefit of those who are still unable to join us for in-person worship. Our donations to the ACA, once we surpass our goal, will help improve our camera and sound equipment.

We are grateful for your continued generosity to the needs of Our Lady of the Blessed Sacrament family during this time. In addition to dropping or mailing your donation to church, you may give online where you may make weekly contributions to our parish family and keep the vital ministries and services we provide going. We thank you for your generosity!

SJE Campus | 601 Biesterfield Road | (847) 956-0130
QR Campus | 750 W Elk Grove Blvd | (847) 437-0403