Fish Lake Beach Newsletter-February Edition


Seasonal Registration forms were sent to all seasonals on January 24th 2024. Please complete the registration process as soon as possible so we can prepare your vehicle passes in the Spring.

Send your supporting documents to with your site number as the subject line. To see a list of the registration requirements please refer to the forms themselves or click on this link:

Reminder: Your Secondary Licensee is obligated to the same terms of the Fish Lake Beach site license as the Primary Licensee. You must contact Fish Lake Beach if you intend to change your Secondary Licensee. The qualifications are:

  1. That individual must reside at the same address as the Primary Licensee
  2. That individual must take and pass a background check to become a licensee
  3. Your Secondary Licensee must keep an email address and phone number on file


Up Coming Events and Local News

This summer Fish Lake Beach will be hosting two Dog Adoption Events with local area shelters and rescues. We hope to match up some furry friends with friendly families. Watch for details and dates in future newsletters.


Volo Quality Meats

Volo Quality Meats is open! 

This local butcher shop also offers gourmet sandwiches and prepared foods.  


Yard Sale/ Flea Market Dates

Yard Sale: 5/26, 7/6, 8/24 

    Flea Market: 6/15, 10/5


2024 Food Trucks at Fish Lake Beach

(Subject to Change)

5/25 EJ Piergoi

6/1 Perk N Pickle

6/8 EJ Piergoi

6/15 Brothers BBQ

6/22 Serna's Grill

6/29 El Zorro

7/6 My Sister's Tomato

7/13 El Zorro

7/20 Perk N Pickle

7/27 Serna's Grill

8/10 Aunt Tina Sound Bites

8/24 El Zorro

8/31 Serna's Grill

9/7 EJ Piergoi

85 Years of Memories: Monthly Throwback

The brown house at the entrance of Volo Village Rd. and entrance to Fish Lake belong to Del & Yvonne were married in 1951. The couple needed a home near the property while they helped Yvonne’s Mom Emilie and Dad Al, operate Fish Lake. Instead of building a house from scratch, Del & Al found a small house that was being sold off from Great Lakes Naval Base after WW II. They relocated that brown house (we wish we would have asked how!) from North Chicago to the edge of the property on what was Route 120 at that time. Del set out to remodel it and make it into a home for he and Yvonne, and eventually Y.C., Desiree and Grandma Emilie. Additions were put on for Emilie’s “suite” after Al passed away unexpectedly in 1968 and the upstairs before Desiree was born in 1970. One of the most interesting things about the land is how it has changed since the development of Volo around it. The most recent picture was taken in 1977 and you can see that the farm field reached to their yard, and there was no flooding. Over the years the drainage patterns changed and much of the property behind and next to the house became wetlands.

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