2022 was a STELLAR year of racing! Somewhere along the way, we connected with you and other athletes when we took your picture. What you didn't know at the time was that we would send you an end-of-year thank you for being part of the racing community.

Looking ahead at 2023, we're already mapping out a busy racing calendar. Why are we in your inbox? We are reaching out to share news, photos from the local races, help you plan for upcoming race events in the area, share stories from sports medicine professionals, athletes, race directors, and even offer a discount here and there.

But our first order of business...
We are a community. Think about it, we spend an entire year together, sharing race experiences with others both near and far by either participating, volunteering, event planning, spectating and/or taking pictures along the way.

The first awards were celebrated the 2018 and again in 2019. Then covid happened. Over the past five years, some still remain, some changed owners, some got bigger, while others stayed the same. Each race unique and special in their own way and another place for athletes to set and reach goals together. Nothing better.

Here's a chance to share your faves. Later you can learn from others just in time for setting those 2023 goals. We invite you to join us in voting to celebrate the Best in Michigan Racing. Poll closing has been extended to Sunday, December 25th at midnight!
What the Heck is Stellafly?
We are a West Michigan based sports event promotional business that specializes in athletic events. It started as photography and over the past nine years has grown into much more. We work with Michigan-based race directors, athletic directors and other outdoor event organizers by creating custom-tailored race experiences that help draw new participants and retaining the loyal diehards.

From branding, photography, social media to creative consultation, combining creativity with athleticism has been something we are passionate about and continue to explore. We love being able to connect athletes by sharing great races, run groups and other amazing ways one can get involved while living a healthy lifestyle. That said, we're not exactly huge fans of shooting weddings but every so often, we find ourselves doing one for a fellow athlete anyway. If you want to learn more, visit our website.
Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan 40th Annual Resolution Run
It's a FLY Tradition! Join over 600 runners and walkers on NEW YEARS EVE in East Grand Rapids at 3:30 PM! Send 2022 out the door on the right foot. This 4 mile run / walk takes you around Reeds Lake and typically ends with a super fun after party (TBA) in Gaslight Village! We'll be there taking pictures!
Blue Cross Blue Shield Resolution Run 2021
Groundhog Day Marathon
You know what they say, "There is no such thing as bad weather, only bad clothes." The Groundhog is brought to you by the same folks from the Grand Rapids Marathon and is a race you're going to want to do at least once. Of course, there are the diehards that come out year after year, regardless of weather. You can't beat the beautifully handcrafted groundhog trophies for the overall winners, good beer, Fireball, snot rockets, potentially sketch running conditions, warm food and freezing cold camaraderie. This event was designed by athletes for athletes that like to EMBRACE the SUCK and make good use of tough winter running. We'll be out there taking pictures of the suffering too!

USE CODE: TAKE10 for 10% off
Registration: runsignup.com/Groundhog
Groundhog Marathon, Millennium Park, Walker, Michigan
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