Season 3, Episode 6 now available!
In my latest episode, I meet up once again with my good friend and Channeler Lyssa Royal Holt and discuss her long-time passion for contact work. "Contact Work" also known as CE-5, (Close Encounters of the 5th kind) which is a term coined by Dr. Steven Greer. Lyssa was originally trained by Dr. Greer and his executive team in the 1990s when Dr. Greer was beginning his contact protocols. In recent years Greer’s protocols have become popular and many CE-5 contact groups have popped up all over the world. 

Lyssa offers her unique style of contact work, integrating the channeling aspects of the many beings she brings through and focusing more on the inner experience. 

In our interview discussion, we discuss how contact work can be used as a tool to help us heal traumas of the past so we may be able to integrate and come into contact with our future selves. 

We also received a guest channeling from Sasha who is a 4th Density Pleiadian being that I've had on the show a couple of times. 

It is always a joy connecting with Lyssa and the many beings she channels. Over the years I’ve created a special bond with her, her husband Ron, and their students whom many appeared in Season 3’s Light Language episode. 

As we get closer to Disclosure and making physical contact with our extra-dimensional family we can begin now and utilize the protocols and do the inner work to speed up the process. 

Om Na Ma,
Reuben Langdon
For over 30 years, Lyssa has been teaching channeling and contact protocols as a tool for personal and spiritual evolution. She teaches either through trance channeling or in a consciously-connected state in which her higher awareness communicates through her “human self” while she teaches, which is a skill that she has honed since 1985. Lyssa is the co-director of Seed of Life Institute LLC and the SOLi School, an organization whose primary purpose is to assist individuals to understand the nature of consciousness and to put this understanding into practice in daily life. She teaches in Japan and America and is known for her many ground-breaking channeled books.
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