June starts with us on the road for our third gem and mineral show of the year. Since the show is in Maryland, we will be traveling for 10 days. We also have some family time planned, which will have us out of pocket for another six days this month. Customer service, drilling, and shipping will be impacted.

Our LIVE shows will be somewhat limited this month. We have scheduled some and may surprise you with additional ad hoc events.

Many of you expressed interest in text notification for our LIVE shows. Rest assured, we will only use text messaging to alert you about our LIVE shows and we will only text those who sign up for the notifications! Starting this later month, we will be launching this feature. We will send you a text message 30 minutes before each of our LIVE shows. We invite you to opt into these notifications by signing up here. Please note: you may receive three text messages a week (if we have three LIVE shows that week).


One other piece of news, we've recently had some work done on our website (link below), so it might look a little different. We hope you like it!

As a reminder, we do not insure packages of less than $300. If you want to add insurance, please use the tipping option on your invoice. You can read more about why we are offering optional insurance here. Other "reminder" topics are below in the Remember section.

What else is in store for June?

As mentioned, we have one gem and mineral show - the Gem Miners show in West Friendship Maryland (6/8-9).

Our Events tab on Facebook and our online calendar on our website (link below) have been updated with our June LIVE events.

Now that our website has been updated, we will resume posting items on our Facebook rock groups, and we will be adding items to the website!


A LOOK AHEAD TO JULY - We will be in New York for the Syracuse Gemworld show (7/13-14) and in Vermont for the Champlain Valley Gem and Mineral Show (7/20-21). And, of course, it will be Christmas in July on Cabochons, Beads, and More and on our cab LIVE shows!!

A LOOK AHEAD TO AUGUST - We will be at shows in West Springfield Massachusetts (8/9-11), Lebanon Pennsylvania (8/16-18), and Concord New Hampshire (8/24-25).

LINKS and MORE - Discover our event schedule, Facebook groups, Instagram, TikTok, YouTube channel and our website by clicking here

INVOICE DUE DATES - Invoices are due seven days from when they are sent. If you are still shopping, they can be kept open for up to 30 days. Weekly reminders will be sent and a final reminder will be sent at 30 days past due. If not paid per the final reminder the order will be canceled.

TRAVEL IMPACT - Please read the Schedule Info/E-Newsletter section of your invoice for current information.

PERSONAL SHOPPING - Did you know we offer personal shopping services? If you're in search of a particular cab, a cool carving, a pretty pendant, or anything else that we sell, simply reach out to us and we'll gladly provide you with pictures and/or videos.

Online orders are subject to MAINE SALES TAX. If you have a resellers certificate or whatever your state calls it (different from a federal EIN) and you haven’t sent us a copy, please email it to

Social Media Engagement – We encourage you to interact with our posts, and we will interact with your business posts. Also, jewelry makers, please tag us when you post pics of jewelry you make with our cabs; you can use @seaside_stones and #seaside_stones. 

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