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March 21

Present in the Present                       


     What you listen to is what you become, and what you become is the world you'll be living in. Every place you take a stance for your higher self, the lower sense of self fades away. The visionary is able to see the innocence beyond the mistakes. No matter what has happened, you can always return to the greatness of your heart. Forgiveness is a worthy tribute to your heart's magnificence.


     Without forgiveness, life would be intolerable. You'd be shackled to the pains of the past while the perpetrators of the pain are off enjoying themselves. Forgiveness is usually contrary to the thinking mind, but necessary for your soul's healing. Forgiveness is not something that usually happens in a flash, but tends to be an unfolding process of releasing from grief and pain. Forgiveness doesn't mean you have to befriend those who hurt you or have a conversation with them. It does mean you will be free to be present in the present moment where the new and exciting possibilities can once again be heard and touch your soul.


Reflection: Where could you use some forgiveness work so you can be released from the pain of the past?


Affirmation: I forgive and move forward in my life!


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