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2016 Annual Report Highlights and Academic News
Our complete annual report is online   MiamiOH.edu/ScrippsAging/Annual-Report
Perspectives on teamwork

Scripps Gerontology Center 2016  Staff_ Researchers _ Affiliated Faculty
from our Executive Director
Suzanne Kunkel, PhD

"Working collaboratively makes us more creative and more effective in meeting our mission to engage in research, education, and service that makes a difference."

Dear Friends,
We are delighted to share with you the Scripps Gerontology Center Annual Report for 2016. As you'll see, we have many accomplishments to celebrate this year, thanks to our stellar team of staff, researchers, affiliated faculty and students. Record levels of external funding now support the implementation of person-centered care and the expansion of Opening Minds through Art across the state of Ohio, as well as an impressive portfolio of research projects on education and training of older workers; service coordination in housing for low-income elders; family caregiving; business acumen in the aging network; and long-term care financing, delivery, and quality. We launched our inaugural Alumni Advisory Group and a research apprenticeship model for undergraduate and graduate students. These 2016 initiatives round out our continuing high level of service, publications and presentations, and productive partnerships with other departments at Miami University and with agencies and organizations across the nation.  >> continued on web
Featured spotlights

Research on older workers

Phyllis Cummins
Phyllis Cummins, PhD
Assistant Director of Research and
Senior Research Scholar

"It is important for older workers to have the skills necessary to remain competitive in an increasingly technologically advanced labor market."

After a successful 26-year career as Chief Appraiser for Prudential Financial and a brief retirement to an idyllic island in Florida, Phyllis Cummins returned to college to pursue an interest in exercise and fitness with a BS in Human Performance. "In my internships at Florida Gulf Coast University, I found I really enjoyed working with older adults, so the next logical step was to pursue their gerontology master's program. About the same time, I was completing the program we decided to leave Florida and moved to Ohio." The desire to complete a doctoral program in gerontology led her to Miami University. >> continued on web


The journey to OMA

Like Lokon
Elizabeth "Like" Lokon, PhD
Director of Opening Minds through Art

"People have a spark. All you have to do is find it and then you can ignite it - no matter their age, abilities or disabilities." 

Elizabeth "Like" Lokon's journey to OMA has been a winding one. Her first love has always been serving as a catalyst for positive change in people's lives. Beginning her professional career as a teacher, she has experience from pre-school and early childhood, through teaching future teachers in college. She earned multiple degrees -- in art, and a PhD in educational leadership -- but she wanted to learn more -- "In education, you learn about the first half of life -- but not the second half."
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Visit the updated OMA website to learn more about how this program is making a difference - and how you can too!


Research apprenticeship model

Research apprenticeship model participants
Making a difference in action.
Our research apprenticeship model pairs graduate and undergraduate students.

Gerontology faculty and Scripps Gerontology Center staff have created a research apprenticeship to give undergraduate students hands-on experience as research team members. Graduate students are also key to Miami's gerontology research apprenticeship model; under the guidance of seasoned principal investigators, the graduate students serve as mentors and research supervisors for the undergrads. >> continued on web
By the numbers

$2,517,873 total operating budget calendar year 2016

Meaningful research partnerships forged around common questions and a desire for useful answers is our driving force.

Funding by source Pie chart showing the division of external funding by source. 7_ External Research- Foundations_ 13_ External Research - Ohio Department of Higher Education_ 27_ External Research - Aging Network_ 32_ External Research - Federal_ 19_ Miami University Support_ 2_ E.W. Scripps Endowment

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The core of our work is research
in the areas of demography, program evaluation, the aging workforce, long-term services and supports, and arts and dementia programming.

Research funding 5-year trend bar chart. 2012 _1_540_327_ 2013 _1_322_347_ 2015 _1_305_292_ 2016 _1_978_787 51.5_ Increase. Multiplying our impact. Scripps research and programs appeared in the media 87 Times. Scripps staff and gerontology faculty gave presentations to professional organizations 45 Times. Scripps staff and gerontology faculty produced publications in journals_ books_ and reports 36 Times

Our researchers were awarded 21 new grants
and managed a total of 42 grants

Link to research annual report web page

Supporting future leaders

By building graduate assistants into our research proposals, in academic year 2015-16 we were able to provide $50,136 in funding so students could receive hands-on experience with high-impact research projects. That translates to 9,345 graduate assistantship & summer research hours.
27 students attended 7 professional conferences.  9 PhD students and 8 MGS students gave 20 presentations. 10 of the presentations were in collaboration with  gerontology faculty or Scripps research staff.   In 2016 donors helped provide _10_969 for gerontology student professional development
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Through service we foster valuable connections that make a difference.

Our staff, faculty, and fellows provide professional service and leadership in many volunteer roles at the local, state, and national levels. They mentor faculty at other institutions, serve on editorial boards, hold leadership positions for state and national organizations and provide service to the community.

Opening Minds through Art, empowers students to lead through acts of service

Link to Service page on web

2016 Faculty & Staff Honors & Awards
  • Robert Applebaum Fellow, Gerontological Society of America
  • Katy Abbott Robert H. and Nancy J. Blayney Professor, Miami University
  • Kate de Medeiros Faculty Recognition Award, Department of Sociology and Gerontology, Miami University
  • Jennifer Kinney Formal Recognition for Teaching, Miami University Center for Teaching Excellence
  • Jane Straker Journalism Award, Ohio Chapter, American College of Health Care Administrators
  • Janardan Subedi Service Award, Association of Nepalis in America
Reconnecting with alumni

Alumni advisory group meeting
On August 1, 2016, the inaugural meeting of the Gerontology Alumni Advisory Group was convened. The group was formed with the purpose of advising the Scripps Gerontology Center regarding best ways for alumni to connect with each other, with current and future students, and with the broader Miami University and Scripps communities.

Link to the annual report alumni story

San Francisco Bridge
Next Alumni Gathering: July 25 in San Francisco!
Miami University gerontology alumni are invited to our next gathering, which will take place in San Francisco on Tuesday, July 25, 5:00 - 6:30 pm.

We will meet at the ThirstyBear Brewing Company, located at 661 Howard Street. If you live in the area or will be attending the IAGG conference, please join us for happy hour!

Link to the San Francisco alumni gathering story

Thank you to our Donors_ for continuing support  of our mission.
Academic News
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New online graduate certificate program to encourage innovative entrepreneurial solutions for rising aging challenges

Written by Jason Barone, CAS director of communications

Miami's new Social Entrepreneurship & Aging (SEA) Graduate Certificate, beginning in Fall 2017, is set to explore a new set of challenges and market opportunities.

The United States, like many countries in western Europe, Japan, and others, has begun to experience the impact of a rising aging population. According to the U.S. Census, the percentage of people aged 65 and older...

Congratulations May 2017 Graduates!

Miami University
Gerontology Graduate Students

Eight gerontology master's students and one doctoral student participated in Miami University Commencement Ceremonies on Saturday, May 13, 2017.
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The mission of the Scripps Gerontology Center is to do work that makes a positive difference in the lives of aging individuals, their families and communities, and to meet the needs of aging societies. This mission is accomplished through excellence in research, education, and service.

Founded at Miami University in 1922, the Center is one of the nation's top centers for research in aging. Scripps conducts the core of its research on a state and national level in the areas of demography, long-term care, program evaluation, and arts and dementia programming.