A Note from Scott and Marsha
September 5, 2019
Did we mention about this time last year we had a hurricane come through and stall? Sound eerily familiar? Is anyone else glued to The Weather Channel watching this play out again while stuffing your face with popcorn?  I despise hurricanes. We left Florida thinking those days were over only to find those days continue here. Nope. I'm not bitter at all. Know what else I'm over? Fairies. Those dang screw-up fairies. You just never know when they are going to show up again and hit you in the back of the head. Let me introduce you to our screw-up fairy stick.  

The goal is that the screw-up fairy stick doesn't land on your desk. The second goal is that your screw-up isn't remembered during the annual Christmas party roasting where we recall your story, unless you were simply an angel and perfect next to God. I would like to say that Scott and I are clearly the most .... imperfect people .... in the group. The stick can land on your desk for countless things such as you forgot to add labor to the job and sent the proposal to the customer without it. Cough. (Lucky customer.) Maybe you applied RoundUp to a job site and realized you read the design wrong ever so slightly. Cough, cough. The bobcat loader got stuck in the mud. You pulled out the wrong plant. You forgot to order something for a job. Transferred a call to the wrong extension. Left the transit on a jobsite, twice. Climbed over the fence catching your pants in the wire and ripped out the backside. Attended a staff meeting in workout pants because you split your other pants. Forgot your belt and used twine to hold your britches up. Ran through the field being chased by the alpacas. It happens. It's all true. The fairies around here are always on the move. We shake our heads, do a face palm, end up laughing, find who has the screw-up fairy stick, and pass it on. Sometimes we would like to give you, the customer, the fairy stick for over/under watering, forgetting to fertilize the plants, or simply neglect! But we get it ..... life happens, time is moving so fast and we are all just trying to keep up!  

Stay safe this week as Hurricane Dorian is rolling through. Praying for all our coastal friends, growers, and everyone who has been and will be in the path. At least while safely tucked inside, we can tend to our indoor house plants by fertilizing, checking their water, and doing some light pruning. There you go. You can still have fun with green indoors!
Beginning this Friday, the bar will be open every Friday and Saturday. You can enjoy a drink while you shop in our beautiful Garden Center. The bar will open 12PM on Fridays and 11AM on Saturdays. We'll have Mimosas, wine, and hard cider. Plus, each week we will have Scott's featured wine that he promises will tantalize your taste buds.
Bird of Paradise steals the spotlight this week. Although aptly named for the bird-like blooms these plants produce, the chance of the Bird of Paradise blooming indoors is relatively low. However, don't let that keep you from getting one. The glossy, deep-green leaves are a beautiful addition to any home or office. Place in bright to medium light and allow to dry out between watering.
The brilliant red color of the foliage of this Maple in fall will have you in awe. You'll also be dazzled by the red flowers this tree produces in spring. Now is the perfect time to plant trees, and you'll be just in time to enjoy the leaves this fall. These maples are a fast-growing variety, and are perfect for spots needing a tree 40-50' tall.
One of our favorite parts of fall are the plants that like to show off their beautiful colors, and Pink Muhly grass is no exception. The puffy pink plumes are simply gorgeous. The way they glisten on a dew-kissed morning will take your breath away. Muhly grass tolerates drought and heat, and deer don't tend to like it. Plant it in groups or as a lovely accent plant to shrubs.
Tuesday, September 10, 2019
Cost: $7 per participant

Kids will learn about our pond ecosystems including life above and below the pond. Cost includes story time, snack, and feeding the ducks and goats. They’ll also make a paper plate magnetic duck pond to take home.

For more information, check out our Kids' Event page . Or register here .
Saturday, September 7, 2019 

Caring for houseplants made simple! Debbi will help you choose houseplants that work well with your lighting. Get to know the best varieties that remove indoor toxins and are safe for pets and family. Each participant will receive trimmers and a spray bottle to help take care of your houseplants! 

Presenter: Debbi Barrett, For Garden’s Sake
Registration deadline: September 6

Saturday, September 21, 2019
10AM – 11AM

Succulents are all the rage! Enjoy low maintenance succulents in your home by learning about these easy to grow plants. Plant your own succulent garden to take home. Fee includes instructions, succulent plants, planting material, and container.  Fee: $35  REGISTER H ERE

Presenter:  Debbi Barrett, For Garden’s Sake
Registration deadline: September 17
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