Hi, Everyone!
Good luck to Jamie and Jason who fly out to Vancouver for a Professional event that kicks off tomorrow! You can follow their performances here ... the event will be tough, but they're both looking to capitalize on their recent hard work! We'll miss their presence for a couple of days... but it's awesome to have young coaches so enthusiastic and dedicated to the sport!
Halloween has always been a Scozzie favorite and this year is no exception. The 4:15 squad is officially our "Spookie Scozzie Squad" and everyone is encouraged to bring along their costumes... The coaches are boo-tifully prepared to offer one of the premium Technibre Rackets, the Carboflex 125 to the best outfit! See ya Wednesday!

TUESDAY PIZZA AND CHAT continues tomorrow. Come eat pizza with John and get some questions answered on Phase 2... or just come eat some pizza... Kickoff is 5:15pm.

A reminder that we have over a month left of Phase 1, however we have already made sure to announce the Phase 2 timings so you can plan! Check it out on the website here ! Please note that squad timings change on November 12 to accommodate the start of school squash for some.

Finally, come see Lyall on Thursdays at the 6:30pm squad! Obviously the 6:30pm squads are quieter than the 4:15pm squads, so it's a great chance to get some additional attention from Lyall and our coaches!
See you then.

Best, Paul