Hi, Everyone!

As many of you would be aware I am currently in Australia, where my mother is in ill health... and while I’m out, the elephant in the room appears to have grown. Long story short, nothing bad is happening to Scozzie this season! No program has had the same continuity of programming, nor the numbers, nor the success of Scozzie since our founding back in 2011... and Scozzies deserve to be both proud and confident. It’s early in a busy season, a quarter of a year until Nationals, school squash just kicked off... let’s get our heads in the game! Please email me with any substantive concerns, but please don’t let yourselves be distracted by the myriad possibilities the future presents... like all high achievers, let’s not be dreaming and let’s do the hard work in a front of us!

Below you can catch up with the Thanksgiving Alum Challenge and a few other small reminders. I love our event reports, and at his one was a beauty!

This weeks reminders:
  1. District Champs this weekend, email Lyall if you need Scozzie coaching
  2. Phase 2 kicks off Saturday- let’s goooooo!
  3. Last week to confirm your lesson slots for next phase- email if you need guidance
On a personal note, I'll not be in the club this week to be with my family in Australia, but I’m still available via email and certainly Lyall and John are there every single day to make sure the wheels of Scozzie continue to run smoothly! I know we’re an Eagles 🦅 town, but to quote Green Bay’s Aaron Rogers... R-E-L-A-X!

Remember to hold your loved ones close, count your blessings and I’ll see you all soon.

Best, Paul