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No April Fools!

No fooling around today, in case you hadn't already heard, One. was honored by the Anne Arundel Chamber of Commerce last week as Small Women Owned Business of the Year! We couldn't be prouder of our team or more humbled by all the other amazing winning local business owners and all of their incredible acheivements. We are so honored to be a part of this select group of individuals and all they have done to support our community.

We are constantly in awe of all the good people do.

As you read our newsletter this month, either for the first time or a happy return to it time after time, our continued hope is that you enjoy reading it as much as we enjoy creating it for you to learn about the latest in health news and what is happening in our community. Please feel free to share with anyone you think might benefit. Nothing makes us happier than hearing from you all when you read something special!

Yours in Wellness,

Jennifer and Christina

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Covid Response at One.

This month's newsletter is dedicated to the memory of James Talbot, Jennifer's cousin's husband who we lost unexpectedly in March. Hang on to your loved ones close, you never know what tomorrow will bring.

Yes, we do read obituaries.

In case you missed this gem, take a moment to read the 1st paragraph and the last. I want whoever wrote this to do my obituary, not gonna lie, might be the best one we have ever read ;)

"A very wise man once told me that you can’t look back—you just have to put the past behind you and find something better in your future." — Jodi Picoult​​.

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Embrace spring with our Healthy Meal Plans, featuring fresh, balanced, and delicious recipes.

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One. Provider of the Month Spotlight

Sue's dual career lifestyle seamlessly blends her expertise in both the real estate industry and fitness realm. With over two decades of experience as a certified Health Fitness Instructor accredited by the American College of Sports Medicine, Sue has been leading Power Stretch classes at One. for numerous years, utilizing her wealth of knowledge to ensure her students maintain mobility and flexibility to prevent the possibility of future injury while maximizing their function.

Beyond her dedication to fitness, Sue is a seasoned Realtor at Coldwell Banker Realty ~Annapolis Plaza, where she represents Maryland homeowners and prospective buyers with

professionalism and integrity. Drawing from her prior leadership role in managing 100 associates in the Mortgage and Title business, Sue possesses a deep understanding of the intricacies of real estate transactions. She excels in catering to her clients needs, employing her keen negotiating skills to facilitate successful outcomes.

Sue's commitment to service excellence extends throughout her career. As evidenced by her recognition as a Sterling Society Award Winner for 2023, Sue is highly esteemed by her clients and peers alike for her exceptional service and dedication. Her extensive tenure as a Fitness Director at Merritt Athletic Club underscores her passion for helping individuals achieve their fitness objectives while prioritizing their holistic well-being.

Residing in Arnold, Sue is deeply rooted in her community, fostering valuable connections and actively engaging in local initiatives. Leveraging her lifelong residency and extensive network, Sue approaches her client relationships with enthusiasm and expertise, ensuring a personalized and seamless experience from initial consultation to settlement. With her energetic demeanor and unwavering work ethic, Sue instills confidence in her clients - assuring them of her steadfast support every step of the way.

In her spare time, Sue enjoys her family, trail hiking, traveling, cooking with friends, music and volunteering. She and her kids are currently volunteering at Maryland Therapeutic Riding.

We are honored to have Sue with us at One.

Click here to reserve your spot with Sue for Power Stretch Mondays at 7:30 am.

One. honored as Woman-Owned Business of the Year!

The Chamber is pleased to announce the winners of five awards that will be presented at the Small Business Awards Breakfast on March 21, 2024 at the Crown Plaza Hotel in Annapolis.


There are 20,000 businesses located in Anne Arundel County and 93% of them have less than 20 employees and collectively they employ over 200,000 people. Since small business is such a BIG part of the County the Chamber started the Small Business Awards Breakfast last year to recognize the significant role they play in the Anne Arundel County community.


The Chamber received over 30 nominations for the small business awards and a panel of judges reviewed them and selecting the winners for each award. On Thursday, the Chamber went out and visited each winner to share the news. They are all incredibly deserving.


Everyday small business owners face many operational challenges and changing economic conditions. But they keep coming back to open their doors to provide service to their customers and create meaningful jobs for their employees. This is why the Chamber is hosting an awards breakfast to celebrate their contribution to our local community and economy. All five winners are absolute “rock stars.

Special thanks to Jeannell Thomas for nominating us for this honor and all the folks pictured here who made our win possible

Click here to read about all the local winners.

Click here to see the Chamber surprise Jennifer and Christina with the announcement.

Back row: Stephen Rice head of economic development city of Annapolis,

Jared Littmann owner K&B True Value and city of Annapolis Mayoral candidate

Mark Kleinschmidt head of chamber

Front row: Faye Currie VP Banking Relationship Manager Arundel Federal

Click here to register for class with Shannon.

Interesting News

The Secrets of Living to 100

BU’s New England Centenarian Study delves into the lives of superagers to better understand why some people make it to their centennial—and to maybe help the rest of us do the same

The quick version of 30 years’ research: It’s likely that superagers such as Flashman won the genetic lottery. Eating right, exercising regularly, getting enough sleep, and de-stressing can stretch the expiration date for many of us to around 90, Perls says. But three digits? That takes a combination of protective genes that, together, shield their bearer against the illnesses of aging. 

Centenarians generally have the average person’s number of disease-promoting genetic variants. But they may also have variants that shield against heart disease, stroke, cancer, diabetes, Alzheimer’s, and other diseases of aging. Perls and his NECS colleagues have also discovered that superaging runs in families. Flashman’s uncle, Joe Goldstein, was one of Perls’ first study participants, dying at age 102.

He summarizes what it takes to be a centenarian with an invented word: SAGEING. The acronym is for seven behavioral and other factors that can get many of us to age 90, and a lucky few beyond that: sleep (“not getting enough sleep has been associated with increased risk for Alzheimer’s and other dementias”), attitude (research suggests optimism and extroversion “are conducive to getting to older age”), genetics, exercise (“at least five times a week, 30 minutes each time”), interests (passions that get you out of bed, “exercising your brain as much as exercising your muscles”), nutrition (“as much non-red meat as possible, fish is good, maybe a little bit of poultry” and aiming for a healthy weight), get rid of smoking and “quackery,” like growth hormone.

Click here for full article.

Click here to take longevity calculator.

Anti-Inflammatory Drugs Might Lead to Chronic Pain, While Inflammation Could Heal

Research shows that when it comes to acute pain, it may be more beneficial to let the body naturally heal.

Early-Stage Inflammation Prevents Chronic Pain

Injuries trigger inflammation for a reason, and researchers are working to understand it better.

One study, published in Science Translational Medicine, focused on 98 lower back pain patients over a three-month period. During that time, half of the volunteers fully recovered, while the other half developed chronic lower back pain. Using RNA sequencing, the researchers compared the activity levels of immune cells between both groups.

They discovered that neutrophils, immune cells that feature prominently at the onset of the inflammation sequence, play a role in remaining pain-free. Neutrophils help the body to fight infection and repair tissue damage.

According to the researchers, those in the chronic pain group started with less inflammatory neutrophil activity and later had little to no activity in the cells that create inflammation. In contrast, the genes of the recovered patients were very active with inflammation-related cells.

“Neutrophils rush in pretty early after some sort of injury, causing a process that ends up preventing chronic pain,” said Mr. Mogil, a senior author of the paper, “and you probably shouldn’t block it.”

Neutrophils are part of these first responders. Their presence is key to removing damage and debris through lymphatic drainage, setting the stage for damaged tissue to be repaired.

Pain and swelling are a clear message that the “paramedics” are at work. Decreasing pain without shutting down the “highway” is critical for supporting the healing process.

“If you’re injured, one Advil for discomfort or to get sleep is different than taking 800 milligrams of Advil three times a day for three weeks,” Mr. Aiello said. “That’s when you’re likely to have a problem.”

Mr. Mogil said, “There are ways to block pain without blocking inflammation, and the most well-known of those is Tylenol.”

Studies have shown that exercise and other physical therapies are effective for people with musculoskeletal pain, such as lower back pain.

Multiple studies have shown that acupuncture effectively treats sports injuries such as strains, sprains, and swollen muscles. One randomized controlled trial published in the American Journal of Emergency Medicine demonstrated that acupuncture is more effective, faster in relieving pain, and has fewer adverse effects than intravenous morphine.

Click here to read full article.

Can Cleaner Classroom Air Help Kids Do Better at School?

In a collaborative project with Boston Public Schools, a BU environmental health researcher is studying ways to improve indoor air quality in classrooms

Boston University environmental health researcher Patricia Fabian has studied indoor air quality for more than 20 years and says the better the air in a school, the better kids perform: improved ventilation has been associated with reduced absences due to illness and higher scores on math and reading tests.

Click here to read full article.

What we are Loving Right Now


Incrediwear increases blood circulation to reduce inflammation and swelling, relieve pain, restore mobility, and speed up recovery. Unlike traditional compression sleeves, Incrediwear products do not need to compress to be effective. Where compression uses controlled pressure to restrict blood flow, our technology incorporates semiconductor elements that release negative ions when stimulated by body heat. The negative ions activate cellular vibrations that increase blood flow and blood circulation. Increased circulation helps bring more oxygen and nutrients to the exposed or damaged area, optimizing the body's natural healing process.

A technological breakthrough for fitness enthusiasts and athletes of all levels.

Our proprietary fabric is embedded with semiconductor elements. When these elements are activated by body heat, they release ions. The negative ions activate molecular vibrations that increase both blood circulation but also lymph flow. The increased blood and lymph flow helps transport more oxygen and more nutrients in the exposed area and can remove harmful by-products. In short, we help strengthen the body's natural healing process and shorten your recovery period.

Click here to watch video on how Incrediwear works.

Click here to order.

Annapolis Happenings

Spring 2024 GreenScape will be held Saturday, April 20th! 

GreenScape is a city and community partnership investment in beautification, clean-up, and planting in public spaces throughout the City of Annapolis. GreenScape was founded through the efforts of former Mayor Ellen Moyer and the Annapolis Recreation and Parks Advisory Board. Since 1991, hundreds of projects have been initiated and adopted by individuals, community groups, and neighborhood associations.

SOFO will be hosting small groups along Forest drive from 9-noon on Saturday, April 20th. Interested in learning more or helping out? Register to participate online, or learn more.

The Light House Family Residential Program provides a safe space, meals, and access to the essential items that children and families need for a happy and healthy life.

Children experiencing homelessness are more likely to repeat a grade in school, be exposed to violence, struggle with health and behavioral problems, and be burdened with developmental impairments.

You can be a light for these children today by supporting our Family Needs Wish List! All items we are able to accept are included and can be delivered directly through the list.

At The Light House we do all we can to make homelessness brief and rare. With your help we can provide the services and support these children need to have a brighter future.

Click here to purchase items for donation.

(Jennifer note: looking for a way to get rid of all that disposable plastic wear you accumulated during Covid? The Lighthouse Shelter, will take ALL you have off your hands)

Let’s keep items LOCAL whenever possible so they can help people nearby and save nonprofit funds for other needs. If you have any of the following, please let the Good Neighbors Group know!

For Hope for All:

  1. Men’s machine washable coats in S, M, L
  2. Boys and young men’s casual everyday clothes and shoes
  3. Small kitchenware items
  4. Crockpots

For Maryland Reentry Resource Center:

  1. Lawn mower
  2. Weed whacker

Click here to donate.

Annapolis Book Festival

The Annapolis Book Festival is free to attend and open to all!

Every year thousands of people enjoy this community Festival that celebrates the beauty, power, passion, and excitement of the written word.

The Festival is celebrating its 21st year, bringing nationally renowned authors to the community to discuss their books and the craft of writing and featuring a day filled with children's activities, live music, food, and a huge used book sale.

Click here for details.

Jennifer's pick this month!

Looking for the BEST way to get Organic local produce?

Groundworks Farm, SUMMER-FALL CSA 2024 is now open (pick up at Vin 909), early register deadline April 1st

What is a CSA Share (Farm Share)?

Community-Supported Agriculture (CSA) is a model that is growing in popularity. It provides a direct connection between a customer and farmer, and it’s good for everyone involved. The Farmers (that’s us) get important cash flow at the beginning of the season, and the Shareholders (that’s you) get the best assortment of local produce, eggs, meat, and cheese available, a healthy diet, a great deal, and a community of like-minded Members. Most of these Shares are designed to supply a 3-5 person household or 1-2 avid cooks. Don’t think you can eat it all? Share it with a friend or order a half share.

Use code: RAFFLE627

by April 1st to be entered to win

ALL your Summer 2024 CSA Shares for FREE!!!

Click here to register.


The Annapolis Spring Sailboat Show

The Annapolis Spring Sailboat Show returns to Annapolis every April to showcase new and brokerage boats including catamarans, monohulls, family cruisers, daysailers, and inflatables. 

While climbing aboard the great line-up of sailboats is the major draw, there is so much more to see. Guests are invited to meet with boating clubs and charter companies, shop gear and equipment, and ring in the new season with fellow sailors and marine professionals. With live entertainment, seminars, and a festive tasting tent, the fun lasts all day. As the show winds down, guests may visit the wide variety of restaurants, shops and bars just a few steps from the show gates.

April 26-28, 2024

City Dock, Annapolis, MD

Friday, April 26

10:00am – 6:00pm

Saturday, April 27

10:00am – 6:00pm

Sunday, April 28

10:00am – 5:00pm

General Admission ~ $18

$20 at Gate (Limited onsite box office available)

Children under 12 are free

Click here for details.

More Happenings


Date: Friday, April 5, 2024

Location: William Paca House & Garden, 186 Prince George Street

Time: 9:30 am (EDT) - 10:15 am (EDT)


A Maryland Wine Experience

April 6, 2024

Price:Ticket prices vary

Time:11:00 AM to 7:00 PM


Profs & Pints

April 9, 2024

Graduate Hotel

Time:5:00 PM to 7:30 PM


MLK Parade Annapolis

April 13th 12 pm-2pm


The Annapolis Cup - St. John’s vs. USNA Croquet Match

April 13, 2024

Price:Tickets go on sale on March 14, 2024. No Ticket Sales at the Door.

Time:10:30 AM to 6:00 PM


Sail & Sell: A Maritime Market Collective

April 20, 2024


9:00 AM to 2:00 PM


Bonfire & Sailing Trivia Night

Presented By:

Annapolis Sailing School

April 27, 2024


Time:6:00 PM to 9:00 PM


Better for you Easter Chocolate

Chef Jennifer Balducci ;)

-Dark Chocolate bar (preferably Ghirardelli 86%)

- 1/2 tsp coconut oil

-roasted almonds

-Goji Berries

-Cacao Nibs

-pink Himalayan salt


Melt your dark chocolate in a small glass bowl with the coconut oil in the microwave until it is smooth (about 2 minutes)

Pour chocolate onto parchment lined baking sheet

Top with remaining ingredients and refrigerate for 2 hours, break into pieces and serve!

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