Volunteers weighing litter before sorting

Volunteers weigh trash they collected as part of our data collection process.

Harnessing science to prevent litter

In the League’s quest to safeguard Lake Tahoe’s health and beauty, one of our most powerful tools is applying science to solve environmental challenges. In this month’s e-newsletter, we provide a few examples of our “Science to Solutions" approach in action. It all starts with Tahoe Blue-Gooders like you.

When it comes to tackling litter, volunteers who participate in our cleanup events and Tahoe Blue Crew program tally data as they remove rubbish from beaches, trails, and neighborhoods. We analyze that data to reveal Tahoe’s most common types of litter, then we advocate to local governments, businesses, and product manufacturers to keep those products – like single-use plastic water bottles, Styrofoam, and plastic bags – out of the Tahoe Basin.

When you volunteer with the League, every piece of data you collect acts as a beacon, guiding our efforts to the areas where help is needed to Keep Tahoe Blue.

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Our Community Engagement Team

Marilee, Kelci, and Courtney; the League's Community Engagement Team.

Uniting Tahoe for a litter-free future

You’ve probably seen them at a community event, concert, local business, or cleanup. Our Community Engagement Team is on the front lines year-round, weaving vital connections across Tahoe with other local organizations and indigenous tribes. These collaborations bring together Tahoe-lovers from all backgrounds to protect the Lake.

Youth volunteers reach out to businesses about single-use plastics

Beginning in the fall of 2023, we teamed up with local groups to ask businesses around the Basin to replace their single-use plastics with Lake-friendly alternatives. In 10 days, our outreach teams visited more than 170 businesses, sharing insights about plastic pollution, providing information about ordinances that outlaw plastics, and offering options for sourcing Lake-friendly, cost-effective product alternatives. In the coming weeks, we’re heading back out in South Lake Tahoe to make sure businesses know that single-use plastic water bottles will be banned beginning on Earth Day, April 22.


By engaging with other amazing organizations like the City of South Lake Tahoe, UC Davis Tahoe Environmental Research Center Advisory Board, youth from S.O.S. Outreach, and of course our volunteers, we're expanding our reach, educating the public, and mobilizing the community to combat litter.

Help Stop Plastic Litter

Between 2014 and 2023, the League and our volunteers have cleaned up far too much single-use plastic trash, including:

  • 36,075 plastic caps
  • 23,047 plastic bottles
  • 31,424 polystyrene items
  • 19,290 straws and stirrers
  • 8,707 utensils

Putting an end to single-use plastic water bottles

The City of South Lake Tahoe and Town of Truckee are pioneering a sustainable future by prohibiting the sale of single-use plastic water bottles under one gallon. The League is proud to have kickstarted this movement by using a decade’s worth of our litter data to advocate for the policy in South Lake Tahoe. Our team also spoke regularly with staff from the Town of Truckee as they designed their own an ordinance. South Lake and Truckee have been in a fun and effective competition to go litter-free since 2013. No matter who comes out on top, the environment wins.

South Lake Tahoe's ordinance takes full effect this Earth Day, April 22. Truckee's ban also includes water sold in containers with any plastic in them, such as paper cartons under one gallon, and comes into effect on Earth Day 2025.


Truckee and South Lake Tahoe are standing together to reduce plastic waste. Will you trade single-use plastics for reusables and join them?

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Partnering for Tahoe's tomorrow

In our latest stride towards sustainability, we're thrilled to announce a partnership with the Diamond Peak Ski Education Foundation. Through litter cleanups and educational campaigns, we’re sharing the best ways to enjoy the slopes sustainably. Check out our Instagram for collaborative videos and new content.


Our latest blog dives deeper into how our partnerships support our environmental goals and strengthen community ties.

Diamond Peak Ski Team rocking KTB logos

Diamond Peak Ski Team members race with Keep Tahoe Blue on their bibs.

Together, we're setting a new standard for environmental stewardship in our winter sports community and beyond.

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Stay warm and stylish this winter

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Dive into our winter collection for more eco-friendly gear! All proceeds benefit our efforts to Keep Tahoe Blue.

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