Monday, April 15, 2024

Rendering of stairwell graphics to be installed as part of the Middle School Revitalization Project.

During the meeting, the board heard staff reports on personnel, conference participation, food service, facilities, school and council, enrollment projections, and Spring 2024 MAP testing results. 

The board heard from community members regarding the auditorium renovation. Updates on this exciting renovation project are forthcoming in the district newsletter mailed to all households in the district and in the City’s Anchor Age digital publication.

In addition to monthly consent items, the board approved the BG-1 for the middle school revitalization project set to occur this summer. This project is a joint effort, spearheaded by the APTA and funded by the smashing success of the “Big Ask” at the recent APTA auction, community support, and district FSPK and general funds. Over $300,000 is committed to refreshing the classrooms, hallways, and stairwells in the middle school area of our building. The entire space will be painted. Ten classrooms will be outfitted with new cabinetry and classroom furniture. The hallways and stairwells will be updated with graphics themed around our school’s logo and slogans. Minor updates to some flooring, window shades, plumbing and electric work will round out the project. The board would like to recognize APTA President Leslie Lucas for her vision and countless hours spent to ensure this space in our school is one that our Anchors thrive in while attending middle school and eagerly anticipate their future while in elementary school. We look forward to our students returning to our building in the fall to experience these amazing updates!


Legislative Update and Acknowledgements

April 15th marked the end of the 2024 Kentucky General Assembly. We are thrilled to announce that Senate Bill 210 and House Bill 227 did not become laws this session. We want to thank everyone who came together to call, email, and personally reach out to our legislators. We are so proud of the work our board, community, staff, Superintendent Solise, and legislators contributed to help preserve fundamental aspects of our district. With over 200 education bills introduced this year, we believe a huge celebration is in order regarding our successful navigation of this year’s session.  

We would like to extend a special thank you to Representative Jason Nemes and Senator Julie Raque Adams who kept in constant contact with board members and Superintendent Solise. Together, they successfully worked behind the scenes to add protective language and voice concerns to bill sponsors about these two bills that would have fundamentally altered our school. It is obvious they understand this unique community they represent and are committed to partnering with us to continue fostering Anchorage’s tradition of excellence. 

Alongside our board, Representative Nemes and Senator Adams worked tirelessly to help Superintendent Solise secure connections and set up meetings needed to advocate for our school in Frankfort in her first year serving our district. We are extremely grateful for the leadership Superintendent Solise showed with the community communications and calls to action that ultimately proved to be an effective strategy.  

We would also like to extend a special thank you to Anchorage resident, John McGarvey, who spent innumerable hours reading bills, drafting possible amendment language and reaching out to legislators.  

This session could have resulted in a much different outcome for our district. THANK YOU to everyone for joining forces and focusing efforts to successfully halt the progress of Senate Bill 210 and House Bill 227 in 2024!


The next monthly Board Meeting is scheduled for May 20, 2024 at 6:00pm. 

Please contact Superintendent Karen Solise if you have any questions or for more specific details please see the monthly board minutes. 

Thank you,

Anchorage Independent School District Board of Education

Hannah Barnes (Chair)

Rosanna Gabriele (Vice Chair)

Wilson Greene

Sara Tyler

Andrew O’Brien