December 15, 2020
Scholarship Applications Open
January 1, 2021
The Community Foundation currently administers 55 scholarship funds established by individuals or organizations wanting to assist students in furthering their educations. Our scholarship endowments total more than $7.7 million to date. Scholarship funds help area students achieve their academic and career-oriented goals. Scholarships may have specific guidelines, such as high school or college attended, merit, need, or field of study. Last year, The Foundation awarded over $240,000 to help 100 students pay for college. For a complete list of our scholarships, please click here.

Scholarship applications open on January 1, 2021 and close on March 1, 2021. Please click here for a list of frequently asked questions.
2019 Scholarship Recipients
Preparing for Your Scholarship Application:
Helpful Tips
  • Request official transcripts from your school before beginning your application. Transcripts should be in PDF format, signed by your guidance counselor/registrar, and display your NON-WEIGHTED cumulative GPA. This document will be uploaded by the student to our online application system during the application process.

  • References should be provided by both a non-relative and a school official. Before beginning your application, contact your references for their email address. Your references must be submitted through our online application system.
  • Create an online account to apply for The Foundation’s scholarships at
  • Start early! Don’t wait until the last day to apply!
Autism Education Fund
The Community Foundation's Autism Education Fund, established in 2012, supports autism education-related programs or organizations benefiting individuals, families, educators, and our community. Grant funds will be used to provide support for educators, supplement costs of educational services, and promote autism awareness in the region. Access the online application on January 1, 2021 at

This application closes March 1, 2021. Click here for more information.
Keokee Fund
The Community Foundation's Keokee Fund, established in 2002, provides opportunities for academically gifted students in the Dan River Region. Grant funds will be used to provide support for organizations, schools, classrooms, and students that are academically gifted in the surrounding area. Access the online application on January 1, 2021 at

This application closes March 1, 2021. Click here for more information.
For more information about grants or scholarships, contact:
Krystal H. Davis
Grant and Scholarship Administrator
(434) 793-0884
The Community Foundation of the Dan River Region | 434-793-0884
541 Loyal Street, Danville, VA 24541