On Friday, May 31st to Monday, June 3rd, MHFCU will upgrade its core banking system. During this time, MHFCU debit cards, FOCUS, and Access24 will be unavailable. *Debit cards will have a temporary limit of $200. After surpassing the $200 limit, debit card transactions will be declined. Any bills scheduled for payment in Bill Pay will still be paid on time, and will not count against the $200 temporary limit.

We strongly encourage you to plan ahead to have sufficient cash on hand or another form of payment (checks and/or credit cards) during this upgrade time frame. 

All MHFCU branches will be closed on Monday, June 3rd, to complete the core banking system upgrade. All MHFCU debit cards, FOCUS, and Access24 features will resume on June 3rd. 

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. 

Thank you for your patience!