Craving the satisfaction of GETTING “IT” DONE?

No matter what your “IT” is, taking a TODAY Day will support you in productively positioning and taking next steps on your goals, projects, resolutions, and dreams.

What is a TODAY Day and why is it different from any ordinary day?

A TODAY Day is a choice to act now. You pick the day or group of days. A TODAY Day can happen every week, once a month, or in a string of collective periods. It is a commitment that you mark on your calendar at the beginning of every month and renew your interest to weekly with both intention and direction. When your TODAY Day arrives, you position your next action steps, no matter how big or small. This is your day, or group of days within a cycle to capture your next steps and execute on what you know you need to do. A TODAY Day is your decision to make an important call, to have a difficult conversation, to sign up for a class, to network, to pitch a new client. It is your moment in which to intersect your intentions and your commitments with a myriad of achievements.

Permitting a TODAY Day into your routine gives you the space and grace to stop procrastinating, to take a risk, and to try something new. It enables results, What is especially beautiful about this is that a TODAY Day allows for you to align your goals and business plans within a current and updated perspective. This tweak on flexibility acknowledges change and reboots and refreshes decisions that meet the moment. One of the biggest reasons you may not be feeling successful in reaching your goals is that your goals need to be recalibrated to allow for change. A TODAY Day grants you that opportunity.

It could be argued that a TODAY Day should be every day. Clean slate. New possibilities. While that is the ultimate get-it-done plan, life happens and as humans we put things off, wait for the right moment, or drag around goals that have little meaning in this 24-hours. Repurposing the concept of TODAY to be uniquely strategic for YOU enables you to stay in the conversation with yourself, and to create a habit around a scheduled and repeated 24-hour accomplishment blitz. You organically become an expert in your own life!


Grab your calendar for July and position an array of unique TODAY Day(s.) Are they weekly, monthly, or collected in a row of 24-hour time blocks? Once you commit to your days (and nights) line up the details. What are 5 things you can absolutely get done in that space that reflect your goals? Pre-position them. When your TODAY Day arrives, recheck your pre-committed call to action. Add and delete as appropriate. There is no limit to what you can get done on your designated TODAY Day. Big or small it all counts. At the end of your TODAY Day recap what worked, and what is next. Rewrite or update any goals or plans that need adjustments. Then power into your next TODAY Day allowing yourself to add on more days in which to merge ideas with action and traction.

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One of the things I value most in my network is that I have the opportunity to collaborate and share with so many people. I enjoy being a resource and adding value. Rather then "circle-back" to one another, I prefer to "circle-round." Our relationship is not a boomerang but rather a continuous and flexible loop of opportunities to intersect and be mutually supportive. AND...I love to take time each summer to reach out to those in my network who have had prior meaningful conversations with me or who would like to. 


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