October 2012
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Introduction to Tarot Card Reading
This Tarot workshop will help you begin to work with the cards and expand your knowledge of the history of Cartomancy. We'll prepare you to answer questions about life, relationships, health and finances as we guide your therough the cards of the Major and Minor Arcana. We'll provide your deck, just bring a notebook to class.
November 5
6-9 pm

Meet Your

Spirit Guide

In this unique workshop you will discover how you can connect to your individual spirit guides. Discuss the idea of spirit guides and learn what you might expect in your first meeting. Then, experience a guided meditation that will introduce your to your spirit guide. 
November 10
10 am-12:30 pm
Home Energy Reduction on a Shoestring
Attend this class and learn the inexpensive and effective methods to cut your energy bills. Topics will include how to determine high energy users, tools to determine where your energy is going, how to maintain a comfortable temperature and balancing energy needs vs. wants.
November 8
6-7 pm
Certificate in Reflexology Basics
Reflexology is an ancient holistic healing technique. In this class, learn how to integrate it into your current practice, explore the benefits for yourself and find out how to build a reflexology clientele. Upon successful completion you will receive a Certificate of Completion from KCC. NOTE: This class is held at the Holistic Health Center.
Nov 6-Nov 13
6-9 pm
DIY Basic Toilet
and Sink Repair
In this hands-on class you will learn the basics of trouble shooting and fixing basic household plumbing by identifying the problem and learning simple steps to resolve it yourself! 
NOTE: This class is held at Habitat for Humanity.
November 7
6-8 pm

iPhone: Getting

the Most Out of Your iPhone

In this workshop your instructor will demonstrate the true power of the iPhone; usefull tips and applications, basic features like customizing the Home screen and setting passcodes, working with photos, and setting up emails. Bring your iPhone to class.
November 10
10 am-12 pm

Cardio Drumming: Get the Health Beat!

Check out this exciting, new fitness concept! It's simply cardio and strength moves to great music. The moves are easy to follow, and anyone can do it. You'll need to bring a stability ball; drumsticks and a base will be provided.
Tues & Thurs
Nov 13-Dec 11
5:15-6:15 pm
Soothing Soups: Food for the Soul!
In this demonstration class you'll get countless ideas for soup making. From chicken to bean and even "leftover" soup, this class gives you recipes, tips and the confidence to make sensational soups! 
November 7
6-8 pm
A Devil of a Deal!
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