September 2022
Lisa Brown
Did They Really Just Say That?
You KNOW animals have a voice, right?

Every one of my communication sessions is unique because every being
is unique. I was about to say every "sentient" being, but the more I travel on this path of inter-being communication and learning, the more I realize that EVERY being has the potential to communicate *smile* even the the bugs, worms, and toads. And those who have passed over to the other side of life.


They each got their message across: A pup at Barktoberfest in Wisconsin, A mare in Michigan, and my clever Uncle Michael in Heaven: Yours are trying
to communicate with you, too. Are you listening and paying close attention?

Nose down and Tail up! 🤗
THANK YOU for enjoying the stories.

Tracker Tracks My Progress
It may have been because the usual October Barktoberfest celebration in Milwaukee took place in September and threw everybody off, or I got off on the wrong paw when I called the Chihuahua at the next vendor booth CRACKER instead of Tracker. Sigh. Note To Self: Never get a chihuahua's name wrong.

Tracker came to Barktoberfest with a mission: Officiating as his person's spokes-dog, greeter, and proud ambassador, nothing and nobody got by Tracker! He had his eye on the ball and his nozzle in everybody's business.


A couple hours into the barking, Tracker noticed it was a little quiet at my tent. Folks waved and smiled, but not many were stopping in to inquire. Slights
put aside, Tracker swaggered over and positioned himself right by my feet.

He leaned in and I heard him say "You need to bring a dog. More people will stop by if you have a dog." OMDOG, was he right! Within five minutes of him joining me, folks knelt down to pet him and to chat. Once he got things flowing,
Tracker lifted his hind leg, peed, and quipped "You're on your own now, kid,"
and rejoined his regular gig. Second Note To Self: Bring a dog next time!

Agility Possibilities
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Her Favorite Thing

Brook, a beautiful and independently-spirited black mare in Michigan, was pretty understanding after her person tripped over the new puppy and
fractured a hip. Was Brook OK with Heidi being absent? Brook showed me a
new "watering fountain" which turned out to be a water pump close to the barn, installed by the proprietors so that her injured guardian didn't have to juggle buckets with crutches to bring her fresh water from a distance. A silver lining!


Well, YES, she was doing OK. So I asked Brook, "What is making you happy these days?" Her reply? "I like to get all the gossip." Say whaaat? After
our session, Heidi sent me a picture of the coffee clutch at the watering hole.
Brook sure does look forward to it! Even the barn cat is a gossip hound. LOL

It Came In A Song
If I wasn't open to it, I would have missed it. I always ask my loved ones in spirit, and yours in a session, to let me know they are around us by sending
imagery that is recognizable, numbers with meaning, sayings on license plates, signs in nature, or songs with pertinent lyrics. They do it all the time.


After my uncle passed in April, I put out the request to him in spirit to show me a sign. And then I kept my antenna raised while I went about my life. One day, about a week after his transition, I got into my car, turned it on, and right away a song from my iPhone music playlist started playing. On the BLUETOOTH.
Mind you, I don't usually have my bluetooth engaged; I just listen to car radio, so immediately I perked up to this unusual occurrence, And sure enough...


Now don't judge my music taste, but this song was a deep dive song called
"Late For The Sky." I sat back in my car seat, mesmerized by the lyrics which, from out of nowhere, seemed to deliver a message in every single stanza:

Been here for too long / said it's time to wrap / got to push it on / cause I'm late for the sky / Times have come and gone / Yes, it's time to fly / got to get along / I'm late for the sky.

(My uncle died alone in his home, suffering from mental anguish after losing his wife to Covid two years prior. His life having never been an easy one.)

Here's a quotable / slash rap notable / Mike is gone...
(His name was Michael)

I'm rarely candid / My view panoramic / My eyes wide shut / If not one, a hole in two /
(He had bad eyes and had recently undergone eye surgery)


The rest of the lyrics contain some references that I could infer meaning to,
but for me, the biggest stroke of validation came when I looked up the artist info and album title. The artist? EVIDENCE. The name of the album? CATS AND DOGS!! This was too coincidental not to be a message meant for ME.

Spirit has an incredible intelligence. Don't ask me how they make things happen, just know that they do. Ask. Then be open to how it comes to you.
And Something To Ponder...
"My mother always used to say:
"The older you get, the better you get,
unless you're a banana."

— Rose Nylund (Betty White)
In "Golden Girls"

Getting better all the time!

Lisa Brown is an internationally-experienced Animal Communicator, Evidential Medium, Certified Ayurvedic Practitioner, Holistic Healing Enthusiast, and Pollinator
of all things mystical and miraculous!

She is a graduate of Amelia Kinkade's Language of Miracles Institute, and studied with wild species on safari in Africa, with whales and dolphins in Hawaii, and whispered with horses in Colorado and The Southwest USA, and with wild mustangs in North Dakota. She has delivered thousands of messages for animals all over the globe, both living and in spirit.

Lisa enjoys helping you and your animals by honoring your unique minds, bodies, and spirits.

Every Soul has a journey!