SAVE THE DATES!   Second BUILD A LINE CHALLENGE BLOG HOP this FRIDAY, Feb 20 and the CONTRACTS for the May 15-18, 2015 Second Annual B'sue Boutiques Workshop Retreat come out FEB 28th!  Are you on the dibs list?

NEW VIDEO FROM POLYMER CLAY INSTRUCTOR, KATIE OSKIN....Of Kater's Acres!  Done here at B'sue Boutiques!

DOUBLE GIVEAWAY WEEK---WAIT til you see the PRIZES!   ALSO:  Keep using that TENBUCKS COUPON all this week, and I'm Giving Away One More Random Pair of BEST METAL SHEARS!

New ARRIVALS and Restocks!

Judy Jones King did a great job with her bangle bracelet:

Have you tried making one yet?    We got them back in stock at B'sue Boutiques in both the antique silver:

and the brass ox!

Fast, easy and fun, they make a great gift as well as a nice sale for you at your shows and online!


SAVE THE DATES!  FIRST.....our SECOND BUILD A LINE Blog Hop is coming right up this FRIDAY, February 20

You will be able to access it at the first blog,

If you missed the first one, you can still go back and pick it up!

Here's Jann Tague's table as she gets ready to show you more of her line:

Her theme for her line features a free-wheeling, beachy style.   Who doesn't love the beach!

It's -2 degrees here in Ohio, so I'd take some of that right now!

Janet Calardo is also a participant in the Challenge Class which consists of 55 talented artists.   She is getting her line pulled together nicely:

Susan Bowerman of Woodside Wireworks has been very dedicated to the work in the class.  Today she was playing around with some ideas that would be quite new and different for her:

Our participating artists are very serious about their work.   We continue to discuss the pyramid system of pricing, our artistic influences, current and past jewelry as well as clothing designers, and pricing issues when costing out your jewelry.

You won't want to miss what they have to say this time in their blog posts for the hop.  There is not one participant that doesn't have an opinion.   Sometimes they agree with what I have taught so far,  and sometimes, respectfully, not.   It doesn't matter!  We have had a LIVELY, ENGAGED class group.  So far it has been quite an adventure of learning, exposing oneself to different ways of marketing,  and new reasons to thinking out your process carefully.   There won't be one participant that comes away having learned nothing.

And I believe I will have learned the most!




The contracts will come out on FEBRUARY 28th, which is the last day of this month.  ARE YOU ON THE DIBS LIST?   Being on the dibs list does NOT mean you are obligated.  It just means I will put you in the special Facebook Event Room I will create, so that you can view the contract, think it over, and follow the payment directions as well as network with others who are coming.   It will be a good place to ask questions, find a room mate, get your supplies list (some will be provided, some you will need to bring).

EMAIL ME through the return link on this newsletter to get on the dibs list!

Katie Oskin will be teaching most of the day into the evening on Saturday....whale tail pendants, storybook beads and a Chinese dragon that is articulated (arms and legs move!)

Katie will step aside for a bit on Saturday afternoon so that Cindy Peterson can demonstrate and teach Tory Hughes' Imitation Turquoise Faux Stone technique.      Any time you wish to teach a class based on a technique or project that has been published, you need to obtain permission to do so.   We were thrilled to hear from Tory just today, as Cindy has taken the class from her, previously.  

Sunday we'll have a two hour project class from Marcia Tuzzolino and Irene Hoffman of the B'sue Boutiques Design Team.   The rest of the day, I will be teaching Responsible Repurposing which promises to provoke a very lively discussion.  When do you repurpose....and when you do dig for information and re-sell a vintage piece?   As I began my professional life as an antiques dealer specializing in vintage jewelry, I'm certain the information will be revealing and helpful.

We will wind up the weekend with Sunday night at the B'sue Boutiques shop for open house, and Monday morning for breakfast discussion.  

Cost for the class portion of the weekend including the Friday night party with goodies and giveaways, is 180.00.



It's always such a pleasure when Katie Oskin of Kater's Acres comes to visit us, and we love to feature her in our set of videos at YouTube.

Here is her latest, made just last Friday:
Polymer Clay Pillow Heart Pendant By Katie Oskin at B'sue Boutiques
Polymer Clay Pillow Heart Pendant By Katie Oskin at B'sue Boutiques

I always learn so much from Katie when she comes....and it was so much fun brainstorming her class projects for the Workshop Weekend!

Be sure to take a moment to watch, this is a simple project that will give you lots of great new ideas!


From the Creative Group...

Bhavna Mistry does beautiful work with polymer clay, but I really could relate when I saw what she had done with clay and the 'beering' concept:

I've meant to get some of those little Made with Love tags so many times!   We have plenty of the 32mm turtlebacks.  I can't wait to try this out.  I miss my clay so much, there just hasn't been much time for it since the Challenge Class began.

Another sweet little trick was unexpected.  This design is from Marie Freeman, who used one of our cameo mounts upside down to make the loveliest little spring garden collage pendant:

Brina Creamer won the giftie for last week's Work Table Wednesday.


I love to play around with the new pieces when the shipments arrive....see how great silverware silverplate and matte ebony black brass look together!

Some of the new pieces that just arrived in matte ebony black brass:

Yep....the big spoon was one of them!

I can't wait to play around with that one!   We got the larger tulip beads back in stock as well as the mini ones, for the first time.....I have the mini ones in deep inventory so come on over and load up.

You'll find them all in the Matte Black Brass Stampings  section at B'sue Boutiques

ALSO BACK THIS WEEK:   GILDER'S PASTE, ICE RESIN, E6000, the adjustable wire bracelets, 1.5 and 3mm size loopers and bail making pliers!
There are always perks to shopping at B'sue Boutiques.   Special perks are always called out in our newsletter on Sundays, on the RIGHT HAND SIDE, middle of the column.

Our brass stampings are second to none because we offer STELLAR precious metal and artisan-inspired finishes, many based on vintage looks.  Some of them you will not  find anywhere else.

We're also committed to teaching you HOW to use what we sell, for free.   You can look forward to more and more videos on unique uses for the things we offer:

Our shipping prices are VERY LOW, most orders ship out for 3.95 area.   Over 100.00, shipping is FREE.
When your order goes over 100.00, the site AUTOMATICALLY gives you 10% off.    You can enter any coupon or promo codes you may have from us and still get the extra 10% off when you make a larger order of 100.00 or more.

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Brenda Sue Lansdowne
B'sue Boutiques 

Check out Bev Sedy's Garden of beautiful floral jewelry:

Such pretty things.....she's added lots of lovely items to her spoon pendants and embellished a number of our favorite statement pieces in such pretty ways.

Floral jewelry is going to be big this year....

But it was always big with us at the B'sue Boutiques Creative Group

What a classy multistrand bracelet from Mocki this week:

She used our matte gold bookchain, vintage pearl chain, multistrand bracelet bar ends in matte gold and our vintage heart locket to make a design fit for a Chanel suit!

Find more at MockiDesign at Etsy.

Kim Castner made this awesome choker from components she picked up at B'sue's:


Love the rich color!

Cynthia Wainscott of Exotic Peru, a member of our Design Team, sent me this photo just in time so I could share it with you tonight:

As always, a beautiful example of great design.


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MICHAELE COLLIE of The Vintage Gem.

Congratulations, Michaele!   We know you will put the goods to great use!


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THIS WEEK IS A DOUBLE GIVEAWAY....two will win exactly the same thing, a muse of mostly SILVERWARE plated brass with some bookchain, a bit of the new matte black and a fat lucite/acrylic hinged bangle to embellish:  

There are TWO of the large 16.75 value filigree silverware cuff findings in this order, and I only have the black hinged bangles a couple of times a year on the site.

We will upload stock later this week.

In the collage photos in the left column, I played around with some of the items in this muse to show you things to do with them!

Silverware silverplate is our top-end line, 99.9% pure silver three mils thick over the brass, it looks like fine silver because the plating bath IS....that's a higher silver content than sterling plate.

It's what high end designers use and you can get it at B'sue Boutiques.

Value of these muses is 150.00 each!


ANYONE who logs a qualifying order of  35.00 can win, no matter if you're in the US or an international or Canadian customer. 

Will announce this week's winner in Sunday's newsletter and on the B'sue Boutiques Creative Group 


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