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  • Audio Training Download: Have Them at Hello: Exceptional Unscripted Telephone Skills for the Extraordinary Practice
  • On-Demand Library of pre-recorded webinar training programs
  • Quarterly Live Webinars to answer your team's challenges
  • Monthly Mystery Shopper Calls with report / action items

What's it all about?
Our Telephone SuperStar Training Program turns frontline personnel into SuperStars on the telephone! This program is specially designed to provide real-life training for team members who are answer your phones and create that first impression with potential and existing clients.  
Why should you do it?
The value of a new patient is estimated to be $6,000 - $10,000 in the first year. When you invest in websites, marketing, and social media to make the telephone ring with potential clients but do not invest in the proper training and support for your frontline team, you risk wasting your marketing investment and losing thousands of dollars in potential revenue. The initial telephone call creates the first impression of your practice and is the first sales call. This program gives them everything needed to become a SuperStar with caller conversion, elevated client service, answers to tough questions, and high-integrity salesmanship on the telephone. You simply can’t afford not to do this!
What makes this program different?
No Canned Scripts!   We don’t believe in harsh scripting… we believe in teaching solid protocols and easy-to-implement frameworks that ensure consistency and excellence while also allowing your team members to be authentic, genuine, and truly connected.  
Real People:   We use real people to make our calls and they sound like real people. We don’t try to “trip” your people up with strange or outlandish questions or statements. We want them to become superstars with the everyday folks that are calling your practice or business. 
No sneak attacks:   We never record a call without written permission, and we never play a call for anyone other than the employee who is being reviewed and their immediate supervisor without their permission.  
Positive Feedback:   We believe everyone wants to be a SuperStar and so we treat them that way. Our reports will encourage them about the things they are doing well as well as clear suggestions for how they can become true Telephone SuperStars. We remind them often that this is an investment in themselves as professionals and that improving these skills is an important factor in advancing their career and their future compensation. We believe in and champion your frontline professionals and we want them to feel that we’re in their corner every step of the way! 
How does it work?
It begins with an audio training program which includes downloadable, customizable forms and a PDF workbook. Once your team members complete this program, we begin the mystery shopper call service. Someone from our staff will call your office, pretending to be a potential new patient. They will schedule (and later cancel) an appointment and ask questions which will test your team member (call answerer) in a variety of areas. You can specify the areas where you’d like us to test the team member, or we can choose them based on areas that we often find are troublesome. 

We will make one call per month at a random day and time (more calls available for an additional fee). Each team member will need to sign a consent form, allowing us to record their call. However, they will not be notified about the day or time of the call and will not know which call is the mystery shopper. At the conclusion of the call, we will cancel the appointment and reveal that this was a mystery shopper. Then, you will receive a results report showing the “wins” as well as “opportunities” for improvement on future calls along with audio copy of the call.
What's the cost?
This month only (June 1 - June 30) the
Quick Start fee of $399 is being waived
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Your only cost will be $98/month/call until you cancel (3 month minimum).

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